3 Things Customised Corporate T-Shirts Say About Your Company

3 Things Customised Corporate T-Shirts Say About Your Company

Madan KumarDec 24, '20

Customised T-shirts are an affordable and clever way of marketing and positioning your brand. Whether you are aware or not, customized T-shirts can help you market your brand exponentially. Today it is easier than ever to customize and purchase them. The best part is you can have your logo, tagline, design and color of your choice. You have endless options when it comes to customization of apparel. 

At malls and market places, you see people wearing company customized T-shirts, to some this may appear as their uniform only, but in reality, they are walking billboards who can interact with your potential customers. You would have seen employees of any phone brand, apparel brand or restaurant employees wearing customized T-shirts. This does not limit these kinds of businesses, any business big or small can take advantage of customized T-shirts, Polos and Caps to market their company and increase sales.

Today, businesses are choosing the easiest, simplest and effective means of promoting their brands. By doing so they save money and reach potential customers. Mostly, small businesses spend money on marketing via customized apparel as their marketing budget is limited and spending a lot of money on media and other means is not always possible for them. 

Are you also looking for customized T-shirts for your company??? If yes, then keep reading further……. 

If you are thinking of customized T-shirts for your company, then there are some things which you need to keep in mind. Here are the three most important things which your corporate T-shirt should say about your company:

  1. First thing first, your corporate T-shirt should speak of your company’s value, what you stand for and how you can make a difference in society. Any company which is able to build its brand a unique brand is able to stand out. Only when a company is bound to have its values clear, it attracts customers in bulk. Swiggy is the best example for this – The company is not very old in the market but wherever you go you will see swiggy’s employees running, they are positioning themselves in such a way that people are attracted to take their services. I hope you know Swiggy doesn’t have its own restaurant, it  only collects food on your behalf from the restaurant or outlet and delivers it. Initially started in Bangalore it has its services in almost all the cities of the nation. What do you think is the reason for their huge success in such a short span? The company is advertising on various marketing channels, but still their employees wear customized T-shirts because they know ads on TV may be ignored but a walking billboard on the road is not easy to ignore. Also, the value they provide with their services makes them unique. Your customized T-shirts should also speak of your brand and its value.
  2. Your corporate T-shirt should speak of consistency. Consistency matters a lot, if you lack in that, chances are, you will lose your customer base gradually. When you incorporate your company’s logo and the color scheme you simply talk of the consistency you follow throughout. Your customer wants consistent services and quality. The moment they see your employees wearing customized T-shirts with the company’s logo and color scheme, they immediately associate themselves with the brand either positively or negatively based on their experience. So, while getting your company’s customized T-shirts make sure you focus on this broadly.
  3. Another important pointer which should be considered while going for customized T-shirts for your company is your T-shirt should speak of professionalism and business ethics you follow throughout your organization. Being professional is a mandate in the market to stand out of your competition. If you take your business and your customers lightly or for granted and don't care about your attitude, then surely you are going to lose the game. This business world is full of competition and it is increasing day in and day out. So, not following proper professionalism will lead you to a huge loss of customers, which is not good at all. In the world of business, only the best survive. So, to be the best you will need to be professional and follow professional ethics so that your customers can associate your brand with your qualities and business ethics.

Well, this is all about what your customised T-shirts should speak of your brand, now here is where you should get your customised T-shirts or apparel ready from. You will think about how it matters? It matters and I will tell you how…..

When we say you should stand for your values. Then surely you should get your T-shirts customized from a company who itself stands for its value and set to deliver the best to its customers – and Gubbacci is one such company helping its customers build brand visibility through customized apparel.

For any of your customized apparel need you can approach Gubbacci, a brand helping other brands to position themselves in the community. You can approach Gubbacci for any kind of customized apparel, including T-shirts, blazers, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps and much more. They have in-house graphic designers and online design tools to create "one of a kind" outfit with your logo and slogan on it. 

They are known for best services in the market and have made a good name in the Industry. They use the best products and materials to suit your needs and requirements. Also, you have the facility to customize your order, for instance if you want a shorter sleeve, V-neck, dry-fit and organic cotton you can customize as needed. Gubbacci is a purpose-driven company and the only purpose is to give the best to its customers. 

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