5 Reasons Why Every Organization Should Have Custom T-Shirts to Increase Brand Awareness

5 Reasons Why Every Organization Should Have Custom T-Shirts to Increase Brand Awareness

Madan KumarDec 26, '20

Customized T-Shirts are very much in trend, and is chosen for several reasons. They are good for showing uniformity in a place such as an event or a milestone achieved by your team. They make wonderful gifts too. Well, but here we are talking about the reasons why every organization should have customized T-shirts. 

 “Marketing is a dynamic process, and it’s a POWERFUL TOOL.” There are several methods to promote and brand your products or services such as TV ads, print ads, online marketing, billboards and so on and so forth. But, not necessarily every organization can afford such marketing strategies for promoting their brands. 

However, employees wearing customized T-shirts with the company’s logo along with the company’s tagline act as walking billboards. It’s the perfect way to reach masses without spending much on other expensive marketing and branding methods.

Use of customized T-shirts or other customized apparel for branding and to increase brand awareness has become a popular and successful method in the past few years. It is also the most affordable way of advertising or promoting a brand.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Every Organization Should Have Customized T-Shirts:

Excellent Conversation Starters

Your customized apparel can be a great conversation starter anywhere you go. For instance, an interesting quote or an image associated with your company, on a T-shirt while you are traveling can start a chat with a co-passenger. This can and might lead to a discussion about your work, company and its interesting aspects. A slogan on your hoodie regarding your organization’s values is spreading the message in itself. You could be approached while waiting for a bus or an Ola cab and asked more about the amazing work is done by the members of your organization. There can be innumerable more occasions where friendly banter between strangers initiated by a simple question as “Hey, what does that symbol on your cap stand for?” lead to fascinating discussions and possibly even long-term friendships or business associations. 

Business Retreats & Special Events 

Team building activities, company events, and training programs are occurring with increasing regularity in recent times. These retreat-like events are eagerly anticipated since they provide a nice break from the mundane work routine. The fun element at these occasions can be elevated by having everyone involved wearing the same shirt, cap, and hoodie and further by getting a humorous quote related to your team screen printed on it. Senior and Junior employees can get puzzles or riddles embroidered and challenge each other. An orientation program for new trainees can have color-coordinated T-shirts to increase camaraderie and team spirit. The possibilities are endless. 

Cost Effective Marketing Tool

Not every business can afford expensive ways of promoting and marketing their brand, as their budgets may not allow them to do so. Of course, MONEY MATTERS! Having customized T-shirts in an organization will help it have a cost-effective marketing tool for promoting and branding its products. Because, it is inexpensive, effective and able to create a tribe of devoted fans and employees who work as brand ambassadors everywhere they go in the community. More business in small investment - “LESS IS MORE.” Customized T-shirt makes perfect walking billboards and is the most affordable way of advertising any brand, event, etc., in the community.

Team Spirit

If company’s every employee wears the same T-shirt (even if once a week), a strong sense of team spirit will develop among all the employees and they will be encouraged to do more and perform better. As the biggest barrier in any organization is the gap between the top management and the staff. That gap can be eliminated to some extent, which will result in better outcomes and greater productivity in an organization. Research shows that, when there is a strong team spirit in any organization, it grows faster and better. Because its employees are more focused, happy, efficient, and result driven, which is a must for the success of any organization.

Excellent Freebies

Who doesn’t want something complimentary and customized T-shirts can be the best option for any organization to create brand value. They are perfect giveaways to augment brand dedication. After all who doesn’t like complimentary stuff? Particularly well-made stuff, be it custom T-shirts or custom apparel. Whether you are organizing an event or any competition in your organization. Customized T-shirts make perfect giveaways for the people. Why should you spend money on buying something else when you have your company’s customized T-shirts? Of course, when you give your company’s customized T-shirts to the customers or clients, they will wear them and also act as walking billboards for you in their area. All you have to make sure is to give them quality T-shirts, so they use it for a long time.

I believe now you must be thinking about where to get these customized T-shirts from?

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