8 Great Gifting Ideas For This Diwali

8 Great Gifting Ideas For This Diwali

Brahmesh JainOct 24, '22

   8 Great Gifting Ideas For This Diwali

The festive season is here, with a bang, bustle, and bright sparkles. Diwali is all about illuminating your homes with the  brightest  and the most colourful of lights, making lip-smacking eats, bursting the best of glittery-sparkly firecrackers, and giving  the choicest gifts to your dear ones.

Diwali gifts are talismans of love, joy and acceptance. Choosing a unique Diwali gift for your loved ones is a tricky ordeal every year, especially when you do not want repetitive stuff that are spoilsports and seek to offer a unique experience for your loved ones, friends, or colleagues with your personalised gifts.

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Here are some tips to make this Diwali very special for your dear and near.  

8 Great Gifting Ideas for this Diwali:

The concept of exchanging gifts is changing worldwide. It's all about going eco-friendly, reducing carbon footprints, creating more urban greens and enhancing sustainability. And here is how we can make this Diwali different with our gifts.

1. The Sparkle of Greens: creating urban greens are raging wildfire. So why not make this Diwali different for your loved ones. For example, like the eco-friendly crackers that blossom to vibrant greens, flowers, fruits and vegetables. The lookalike replicas of firecrackers are filled with seeds, the required soil and fertilisers that bloom  when you plant. There are various online sites selling the “Green Crackers”. Amazon India, Seed Paper India and EcoBaxa are few of the online retailers who sell the plant bombers.

2. Eco-friendly Utility Products: “No To Plastic”, is surely winning the battle for a more sustainable and healthy world. And most definitely, even you can make a big contribution for the “Better World”. Gift eco-friendly products for this Diwali. Coasters and trivets made of bamboo, reclaimed wood, and cork are great gifting options. Upcycled products like Neemen’s shoes that are made of wool knits and recycle bottles are certainly  good choices of unique gifts. Likewise upcycled plant holders made out of old bottles and bags/wallets made from used fabrics are some of the other options for affordable yet quirky and charming gifts.

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3. Green Stationery and DIY Plant kits: “Green Crackers”, plant stationery is another eco-friendly innovation to reduce plastic usage and promote reforestation. There are a range of stationery product options to choose from such as plantable notepads, paper pens/pencils filled with seeds and so on. Growing microgreens for home use especially in urban jungles is the new fab. DIY micro-green kits are one of the best gift options too. There are wide-ranging easy-to-do micro-green kits like the “The Micro Box of Macro Goodness” that have various plant options. 

4. Going Philanthropic: Indulge in social service this Diwali while getting your friends and relatives to participate in your philanthropic activities. The options are plenty. Like the toy donation drive you can do in your locality wherein you can donate your old toys to www.toybank.org. Your children’s old toys could definitely brighten the day for many other poor children. Rendering volunteer service at the local orphanage/old age home visits is again one of the biggest social gifts that you can surely consider.  You can cook or bake for the inmates which is a lovely gesture to promote oneness and love. 

5. Healthy Food Hampers: Eating healthy is undeniably the must-have lifestyle norm. Healthy food hampers make wonderful gift options. You can choose from a wide variety of products to put together your own gift hamper. Include nuts, organic crackers, honey, varieties of green tea and other available chemical-free, preservative-less and locally sourced snacks/eats/drinks. Millet snacks, plant-based meat products, organic rice varieties and gluten free products are other food  choices to add to your gift hamper. 

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6. Buying Easy Investment Plans: Buying affordable investment plans for your loved ones absolutely changes the concept of gifts. For Indian investors, Diwali is the auspicious day to start new investments. People buy and give gold/silver to bring prosperity. This Diwali you can workout easy investment gift plans for your friends and relatives. Mutual Funds and  Gold ETFs are gaining wide popularity. Consult your investment banker to work out easy investment plans to give to your family and friends. 

7. Organic Incense Sticks: Burning incense sticks are very routine to most Indian homes. Buying organic incense sticks surely reduces carbon footprints. Social entrepreneurs Nikhil and Preetham make incense sticks out of flower wastes from temples and homes. The team invented a workable formula to convert flower waste to incense sticks. They employed rural women for this “Go Green” endeavour under the brand name “Nirmalya”. 

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8. Custom T-shirts & Apparels:  Eco-friendly apparels are slowly becoming the choice of everyday dressing. From the traditional six yards to western dresses, custom clothing makes fantastic gifting options. Quality T Shirts customised for your friends and family with their favorite quotes, fandom pictures or hobbies can be a great surprise and fun! And that’s what Gubbacci is all about. An Indian apparel brand that knows the pulse of the cultural milieu, Gubbacci   specialises in custom-made hoodies, Tshirts, Onesies and much more as per custom orders and specifications. Gubbacci apparels are checked for quality at every stage. Most of Gubbacci apparels are organic. 

Decide to celebrate your Diwali differently this year with something meaningful and personal that will bring a shine to anyone who receives your gift. 

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