A Complete Guide to Selling Customized T-Shirts

A Complete Guide to Selling Customized T-Shirts

Madan KumarFeb 23, '21

Basically, custom apparel is among the hottest and most in demand in the market not to mention how easy it would be for you to sell these items. Having an idea with regards to what type of clothes you want to sell will play an important part to the success of your clothing business. If you are in the lookout for an excellent product that will be an easy sell to customers of all ages and sexes, consider your options with custom t-shirts and apparel. But if you want to start a business with a specific target market, you can focus on teenagers and the younger generation.

To help you with your venture in selling your own custom t-shirts, we have created a simple guide that will show you how to make your entrepreneurial undertaking a success.

Create Your Own Niche

There is no doubt that custom t shirts and apparel can generate a lot of sales for your business especially if you will target a specific niche. For example, targeting the market for teens will provide you with a much bigger customer base. This is because teenagers are among the buying public who regularly purchase new clothes and they are also the most conscious when it comes to fashion. Teenagers have the need to always be on track when it comes to the latest in fashion and more often than not, no teenagers would want to wear outdated clothing. In addition to that, teenagers also do not want to wear the same type of clothes as their peers that is why they often look for personalized t-shirts to fill their wardrobes.

Finding an untapped niche is a huge advantage and this goes for all types of business. It is a lot easier to get noticed when there is a little competition. Land based or online, the thing you need to make your clothing business a success is to have a full line of trendy apparel. Affordability is another key issue you need to address because if your target market is teenagers, they belong to the market bracket with low spending power.

Choosing Designs That Sell

To make your t-shirt collection as personalized as possible, you need to choose the right designs and make sure that it will sell. Your t-shirt design ideas are critical because it will dictate whether or not your products will sell in your selected market niche.  If your t-shirts have great design ideas, you will have a strong foundation for your business.

It pays to be creative when it comes to this aspect of selling personalized t-shirts. Think outside the box and try different t-shirt design ideas that relate to your brand and your market niche. Find out which ones fit best with your target market. The success of your products will largely depend on your design. 

If you want to make your own designs, there are print on demand platforms online that allows you to upload your tshirt design ideas, create personalized products with them and sell it using their platforms. Print-on-Demand platforms or PODs like Gubacci.com are becoming popular nowadays because of the convenience they offer. They will take care of everything from printing to shipping, customer service and all other related tasks. For every t-shirt sold, you will get a commission or royalty. That is a really cool partnership right there.

Sign up as Gubbacci Artist

To make everything easier on your part, you can sign up as Gubbacci artist and make your own store with your own unique designs. Gubbacci.com is an online platform that helps build brand visibility through custom apparel. They have their own user friendly online design tool you can use to preview your design. 

Submit Your Designs and Set Up a Store in Gubbacci

Opening an online is never an easy task. There are lots of things to factor in and the preparation takes a lot of time. Gubacci.com has made things simpler and easier for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to market their own t-shirt designs. Aside from having very easy to use online design tools that will enable you to create T-shirt designs in minutes, you can also have your art featured on Gubbacci Store Front. As an added bonus, you can also tap Gubbacci's existing customer base which will provide you with the opportunity to extend your market niche.

Opening your online store with Gubacci.com takes a lot of responsibility off your shoulder. Manufacturing, printing, and shipping will all be handled by Gubbacci and all you need to do is focus on creating fantastic designs that will sell with your target customers. You can easily market it to your friends and family or use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to have a more extended reach.

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