A Guide to Safe, Memorable & Stylish Biking

A Guide to Safe, Memorable & Stylish Biking

Madan KumarSep 3, '21

The quest for adventurous motorbiking has been around since the early 1900s. Once the cycle was motorized, the kind of freedom one could achieve in terms of traveling to long open adventures was bigger than it had ever been. It took less than half a century for the motor biking industry to mature and produce landmark machines that defied and crossed limits previously known to be unbreachable. The motor craze began in the western world and India was soon to catch up with it. Founded by Dr. Arun Thareja in 1983, G.O.D.S was one of the earliest biking gangs in India. Since then we’ve had many more enthusiasts who’ve come together to elevate biking and its craft to more than just a hobby. 

GODS group for Luxury Bikes

Today, every city in India boasts a biking club. Every home either has an enthusiast or a young one with gleaming eyes looking at beautiful bikes on the road, secretly imagining going on bike rides just like that. So, inculcating the right knowledge and safety precautions is of paramount importance. Once your safety is taken care of, you can stylize and accessorize you and your bike to look and feel the way you see best. So, in that particular order, here is our guide to safe, memorable, and stylish motorbiking.

Safe Biking:

While you’re on the road always remember to wear your protective gear. There is no alternative to safety and nothing more precious than life, both yours and of those around you. Always make sure that your vehicle is perfectly serviced and in a good condition for long trips. Remember to keep a safe distance when you have other vehicles on the road and make sure to follow all the laws. Most importantly, before you get on the road, you should consider getting the right gear to stay safe and secure.


A full-face helmet is ideal since it will protect your entire head, be it the chilly mountainscapes of Leh, or rains of the monsoon, or the ravaging desert storms of Rajasthan. If you're a fan of a flip-up helmet, that's a good choice too. These helmets are hybrids between full-face helmets and open-face helmets. Whichever helmet you choose, make sure that it’s DOT approved for maximum protection.

Riding Jackets and Body Armour:

To protect your upper body from any undesirable damage, you should consider investing in a riding jacket and body armor to go with it. If your biking gets as extreme as traveling throughout the length of the country, you can get an all-weather jacket, if not you can go with a regular jacket as well. These have mesh-like protection for the important and damage-prone areas of your upper-body. 


Hands are often the first part of the body to come in contact with the ground, so they need to be protected no matter what. The kind of gloves that one can buy today are very safe and protective. Make sure to grab a good pair.

Riding Pants:

Your lower body contains your entire moving mechanism. Riding pants help protect your legs and knees from scratches and other small injuries should anything untoward take place while you're on the road. Most of these pants have a layer of protective items like kevlar, leather, or denim to give you extra protection.

Biking Boots:

Most people underestimate the value a good pair of biking boots bring to their overall safety equipment. Unlike regular shoes, biking boots have special linings that protect your toes and keep your legs from any fatigue that may kick in due to long hours of gear change. Still need convincing?

Memorable Biking:

Where’s the fun if you've had the time of your life but can't share those glimpses with your friends, family, or the internet. Here comes the emerging market of handy cameras, recorders, drones, and mounts to stick your video recorder of choice in the position you find best.

GoPro is the most accepted universal device for these kinds of trips but you can also purchase many new devices that are good enough for the purpose. They come with a variety of mounts for the helmet or armor or the bike itself. If you don't need an extra device you always have your trusty handheld mobile phone camera. For them too, there is an ocean of accessories to mount, record, and remotely control. Remember to carry a power bank, perhaps a fast charging one to keep you equipped with enough juice to last the duration of your ride.

Stylish Biking:


While you’re on the road, style options for your bike may be limited to stickers or paint jobs whereas the options for your personal style may be even more limited to the colour of the suit you’re wearing. But once you're off the road, sky's the limit. You can have a customised t-shirt for your gang or have a photo of the person/gang who inspired you to pursue biking. Once the jackets and the armour come off, your custom t-shirt can be the canvas that enables enthusiasts to approach you, ask for tips, or get a glimpse into your adventures. You can speak your mind and with the custom biker collection t-shirts from Gubbacci

You can also get custom masks from Gubbacci to stay safe in these times. If you’re riding alone or with a club, our custom masks are also a great way to help you flaunt yours, as well as your club’s identity and style. 

Bikers and biking have taken a very special role in society, and their shades have been imprinted all over pop culture. Needless to say, biking has become a go-to option from the mundanity of everyday life. However, it will bode well to remember that safety - both yours as well as others’, should take precedence over all else. As amazing as it is, biking carries risks of its own, so keep this guide handy, stay safe and ride away. 


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