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Madan KumarMay 25, '21

What is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is primarily a Western tradition; a philanthropist named Larry Dean Stewart is thought to be the "original Secret Santa" who came up with the idea of giving anonymous gifts during the holidays. For more than 25 years, Stewart secretly donated $100 bills to people in Kansas, according to USA TODAY. He also donated $25,000 in the form of $100 bills to New Yorkers after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It wasn't until 2006 that Stewart came out as the "Secret Santa" everyone had been wondering about for so long.
The tradition has been followed across the globe with people being secret Santas for their loved one and gifting them numerous things secretly. The only thing here is people take a really long time to figure the best gift. From corporates to startups, everyone in India who has been exposed to this culture has begun celebrating it in their workplace. A tradition/celebration helps them get to know their peers even better. A healthy and friendly environment is created by default. When it comes to gifts, some choose chocolates, sweets, flowers, earrings, bracelets, anklets and more. But what would make your gift stand out and make your loved ones remember for a long time, would be something that is customised especially for them. 
I am running out of time! I do not know what to buy.
Do not worry, Gubbacci makes customised apparel in just one hour. Add custom designs, quotes and even your loved ones names on the T-shirts. In 2018, a lot of corporates chose customised t-shirts over the regular gifts. They loved it and of course they made the best choice.

It's your turn now to choose the best for your loved ones and to your peers.

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