Chandler Bing’s ‘I Got Vaccinated’ T-shirts are a Buzz: Get Yours Here!

Chandler Bing’s ‘I Got Vaccinated’ T-shirts are a Buzz: Get Yours Here!

Madan KumarJul 26, '21

One of the things we all thought would be impossible was seeing the entire cast of F.r.i.e.n.d.s. reunited and on the same set as back in the day. Who would have thought that, not one, but the entire crew would give us glimpses and insight into the making of this ground-breaking show?! 

Initially, with covid-19 hitting the roof, the likes of us as well as the cast and crew of F.r.i.e.n.d.s. were themselves unsure of whether there'd be a reunion after all. The original date of filming was due to begin in 2020, but was instead filmed in April this year. Lucky for us, and thanks to the newly released vaccines, we were in much-awaited elation. With over 1 million views within less than 7 hours of the release, fans got just what they wanted - memories of the show intact, and newer backstories giving glimpses into the lives and happenings on this groundbreaking show. 

Mathew Perry Wearing Custom T-shirt with Pro Vaccine Design

Promotions were rife, and all of the cast started to actively promote the show on their social media handles. Chandler Bing, (Matthew Perry), however, was (as usual) far ahead of the game. On the show, he was known for his quick wit and funny punch lines. Chandler’s punch lines became so famous that several years after the show ended, around the time of the reunion, his “could I BE anymore…” merchandise sold out much faster than he could have known. It comes as no surprise, because let’s face it - who wouldn’t want to flaunt one of his famous punch lines? With Chandler Bing lines adapted onto t-shirts and other merchandise, fans were having their day. After all, those who watched the reunion episode would’ve caught glimpses of the kind of impact the show had on fans world wide. 

As part of promotions, as well as to raise awareness on getting vaccinated, Matthew Perry launched a “Could I BE any more Vaccinated” t-shirts and merchandise range which made quite the buzz. Many fans were in love, while some expressed their distaste in trying to monetise a global pandemic. We, however, fell in love with one thing in particular: the t-shirts. 

Finding your own “I got vaccinated” t-shirts - 

In April this year, Liza Corsillo, wrote a piece for the nytimes and talked a bit on the psychology of vaccine merchandise in terms of holding souvenirs of a time that reshaped humanity.

Got Vaccinated T-shirt Collection at Gubbacci

Several doctors, psychologists and health communication experts talk about how wearing an “I got vaccinated” t-shirt to show your vaccination status can ease the anxiety and stress from the pandemic, and help raise awareness of the need for more people to go out and get themselves vaccinated. It acts as a safety net for many, creates a herd mentality directed toward a collective recovery, and helps raise awareness for these times. 

Susan Krenn, executive director of the John Hopkins Center for Communication programs says, “If somebody is going to that trouble to demonstrate visibly that they’re vaccinated by wearing something, then I think it could certainly help to put people at ease,”. 

Get your “I got vaccinated” t-shirts here

Vaccination t-shirts aren’t just a way to announce to the world that you’ve been vaccinated. “I got vaccinated” merchandise could mean different things to different people. In the past, t-shirts have acted as souvenirs for movements that shaped humanity. Right from the jazz blues to the rock ‘n roll ages, to some of the most influential protests and events in history, those memories have stayed with us through t-shirts and other merchandise. So it makes a lot of sense why many of us would want to flaunt our vaccination statuses on our t-shirts. 

Vaccination merchandise could make for great stories and act as memorable reminders of a time that meant so much to different people, and shaped the way we all live.  

Whether you are a sentimental person or not, wearing an “I got vaccinated” t-shirt announces to the world that you are safe, and that they are possibly safe around you as well. 

There’s no dearth of vaccination merchandise out there - right from pins to t-shirts, caps, socks, stickers and more. It looks like the pandemic has fueled a fashion statement of its own, while spreading a message that getting vaccinated is important, and not just cool. 

Imagine the ease of a shakehand or a friendly hug and how comforting that could be with the world knowing you’ve been vaccinated. The overthinking and overbearing question of “have they been vaccinated or not?” can finally come to a still, and it’s the kind of transparency we could all embrace as we ride out of the covid storm together.  

Get your “I got vaccinated” t-shirts here

Pro-vaccine t-shirts may not be an easy find, but we’ve got you some of the best. From basic, simplistic designs to a few over-the-top ones, we have more than just a few ways for you to flaunt your vaccination status and nudge others to do the same in the process. It’s a win-win! 

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