Cheers to the shapers of minds: Happy teachers' day

Cheers to the shapers of minds: Happy teachers' day

Brahmesh JainSep 4, '23

Every year, on September 5th we set aside a special day to honour the extraordinary individuals who have a significant influence on our lives: teachers. The purpose of this day is to appreciate those who devote their lives to teaching and inspiring future generations of students. Teachers' day is not just a day for recognizing the knowledge and guidance that teachers impart; it is also a chance to realize their dedication, passion, and commitment in shaping the future generations. Teachers' Day celebrates the relationship between teachers and students and serves as a reminder of the important role educators play in developing a better future for children.

A legacy of wisdom and respect

In Indian culture, teachers are held in high regard and have a long history of significance. In ancient India, gurus (teachers) had a vital role in influencing their students' lives as spiritual mentors as well as knowledge suppliers.

The Gurukul system, which was common in ancient India, served as an example of the role of educators. The word "gurukul" is derived from "guru," which means teacher, and "kul," which means family or abode. A guru and a disciple had a close bond that went beyond schooling to provide moral, ethical, and spiritual guidance. Students would reside in a wooded ashram with their guru, learning not only academic lessons but also moral principles, practical life skills, and a profound knowledge of nature. Character development, self-discipline, and a sense of social responsibility were prioritized in this methodology.

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The Bhagavad Gita, one of India's most renowned books, emphasizes the value of instructors. In his role as Arjuna's spiritual mentor, Lord Krishna highlights the importance of a teacher in eliminating ignorance and lighting the way to truth.

India has historically produced outstanding instructors as well as renowned intellectuals, scholars, and philosophers. People like Chanakya, Aryabhata, and Adi Shankaracharya not only advanced knowledge but also served as role models for committed learning. Even today, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a philosopher, educator, and the second President of India, is honoured on this day for his belief that "teachers should be the best minds in the country."

From Gurukuls to modern classrooms: The evolution of teaching

The incredible process of the teaching profession's advancement has been a reflection of the nation's changing sociocultural and learning context. The Gurukul system, in which students lived with their gurus and absorbed knowledge and ideals, was prevalent historically. As official schools like Takshashila and Nalanda developed over time, they began to draw researchers and students from all over the world. Education experienced considerable modifications throughout the British colonial era, which resulted in the creation of contemporary schools and institutions. After achieving independence, India gave learning a lot of focus, which accelerated the growth of the teaching profession. Teachers now use a variety of approaches and technologies to educate and inspire India's youth, moving away from the traditional guru-disciple relationship and into a more diverse and dynamic environment.

Challenges faced by teachers

In the context of contemporary training, teachers in India face a number of fundamental obstacles. One of the biggest hindrances is the sheer number and diversity of the student body, which frequently causes overcrowded classes and makes it impossible to provide individualized attention. Effective teaching can also be hampered by outdated instructional materials, inadequate infrastructure, and a lack of resources. Teachers' morale and dedication may be affected by low pay and job insecurity. The flexibility and inventiveness of a teacher in the classroom may be constrained by administrative hurdles and strict curriculum. Furthermore, the stress of standardized testing may cause students to prioritize memorization above the development of critical thinking and creativity. Despite these difficulties, there are many teachers in India who show extraordinary passion, imagination, and a desire to influence the future of both their students and the country.

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Honouring our heroes on teachers' day

We have a particular place in our hearts for teachers eternally. They are more than simply teachers; they are the designers of our futures, our mentors who mold our character, and the lights that we followed as we were growing up. On a national level, exceptional teachers are given the National Awards by the President of India in recognition of their extraordinary contributions to the area of education.

Teachers' day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect in schools and institutions. Usually, students come up with a variety of ideas to treat their professors. They plan cultural events, performances, short speech and dances in order to share their talents and show appreciation. In addition, they also present their instructors with flowers, cards, and gifts. A lot of colleges and universities hold award ceremonies to recognise outstanding teachers. This day provides an opportunity to thank teachers for their dedication and work, as well as to strengthen the bonds between them and their students.

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There are numerous ways you can express your gratitude to teachers on this particular day, regardless of whether you are a student, parent, or someone else.

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Forever grateful:Honouring our teachers

The impact of a teacher on a student's life is genuinely significant and transformational. They have the power to spark imagination, encourage creativity, and cultivate a love of learning that goes well beyond the classroom. Teachers also have the ability to recognise and develop students' unique qualities and talents, assisting learners in discovering their potential and passions. Teachers are essential in helping students develop their moral and ethical conscience. They teach ideals, empathy, and social responsibility through their words and deeds, shaping learners into kind and responsible citizens of society.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on teachers' day. As we draw to a close on this day of celebration, let us keep in mind that a teacher has an influence that lasts a lifetime and that the knowledge seeds they plant will continue to bring fruit for future generations. Always remember that even a small act of kindness can make your teacher's day. From heartfelt notes and gestures of appreciation to thoughtful gifts, the options are endless. Let's celebrate and give all the teachers who have had a positive influence on our lives our gratitude. Happy teachers' day!!

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