Four Key Benefits of an MBA Program

Four Key Benefits of an MBA Program

Maria ThomasDec 13, '22

Four Key Benefits of an MBA Program and How You Can Make The Most Out Of It

Throwback to a few years ago, and an MBA certification meant guaranteed success. It held a value of a different nature and wasn’t something that was so commonly pursued as it is today. However, today, with the job market having gone through a complete overhaul to keep up with tech-empowered times, an MBA degree has become a lot more accessible and commonplace. Which means that there are a lot more opportunities, and a demand for skilled MBA degree holders is on the rise. Not only that, there is high competition within MBA schools themselves to secure the best candidates for the best jobs. That is why an MBA degree from top MBA schools today carries more weightage than the not-so-well-known MBA schools out there. In light of that, choosing the right MBA school to graduate from is paramount. 

Those considering an MBA degree or currently in the middle of pursuing one, would have varied reasons for pursuing it. For many it is not just an option fresh out of college, and rather an added degree to grow or manage an already existing business (or, perhaps, starting a new one). For some it might be to climb the corporate ladder and achieve newer career heights. Whatever your reasons might be, just as it is with most valued degrees, pursuing an MBA degree, too, is no easy feat. From having endless material to study from, ranging from studying the various theories in business, their founders, their criticisms and constructs and the entirety of the framework, an MBA degree can be grueling. It takes a lot of commitment, resilience, patience and understanding to face the challenges that come with it. However, the good news is that it is a very rewarding career path to choose and that remains one of the most common reasons potentials pursue it; that along with several other reasons. 


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For a lot of students who pursue their MBA today prefer to juggle it along with side jobs or other courses simultaneously which makes it feel a lot more overwhelming than the course itself. Due to many students multitasking during the course of their MBA, a lot of them complain of missing out on key aspects of learning, either missing out on classes or too mentally fatigued from juggling multiple chores at the same time. With such high pressure on MBA students to perform, it is often the case that applicants feel like a fish out of water after their graduation. In most cases, even with an MBA degree, the most learning happens while on the ground and on the job. 

Whenever in high-stress environments like these, it’s best to play your cards wisely and make the most of what you have by being selective with how your energy is distributed across the course. If you have a clear vision and reason for pursuing an MBA, then you can lay all your focus on certain aspects that will help you further your career path. And that is why setting intent by knowing why you are pursuing an MBA helps filter out the unnecessary and keeps you focused on what you need to focus on and hone.   

Here are some of the common reasons behind why people pursue an MBA degree and why an MBA degree is valued like hot cakes. Knowing that can help you decide better - both before you consider an MBA degree and also the options that open up to you after having graduated from an MBA. 

Broad benefits of pursuing an MBA degree: 

  • An MBA is an asset for those starting a new business or managing an existing one.  

  • It is a well understood and known knowledge that an MBA degree is no easy feat. It requires a lot of dedication, commitment and perseverance to keep up with the applied aspects of an MBA degree. To have an MBA in theory is one thing, but to be able to take those learnings back and apply it out in the real world is not always easy. For this very reason, you find that a lot of people pick up key business management skills while being out there on the field as opposed to just knowing something in theory. 

    The reasons for pursuing an MBA differ from person to person, for some it may be to add value to an already existing business while for many others it may be to start a new venture entirely or to upskill an already existing skillset. Since MBA degrees are so diverse and far-reaching, the theoretical knowledge you gain spreads far and wide to all areas of a business - right from marketing to sales, to working at founder’s offices and trickles all the way down to human resources. For business owners considering an MBA degree, it would help to understand the problems you face in your business so that you can have a targeted, intentional and focused MBA. There would be a lot to learn as you seek out solutions to the problems you have faced as a business owner. And once you find your solutions, learn how to apply and integrate them to gain the most of your MBA and ultimately grow your business. 

  • It’s an added plus to your existing portfolio and would go a long way in getting you that much-awaited promotion. 

  • In today’s day and age where the competition is high, it is of utmost importance to keep yourself up to date with the latest developments in your sector. With the current tech boom, it’s either eat or be eaten, so it’s important to keep up with tech advancements or risk being left out in the sea of other more skilled applicants. Not just that, companies are increasingly looking for multi-skilled applicants who come with an openness to learn and at the same time bring unique innovative ideas to the table. MBA brings a lot of key skills to the table that are far-reaching into areas of finance, business ideas, business management, leadership, marketing and much more. Keeping yourself abreast and on top of the game could set you apart from the sea of applicants out there. 

    Setting intention beforehand will help you gain the most of your MBA and a good way to filter it would be to ask yourself the important question of what key aspects and skills from your MBA could be customized that would increase your chances of getting a promotion or climbing up the work ladder of success. Right from the way you work, to setting a work culture, to applying your MBA learnings to improve your work scope or get a promotion, there are many ways to leverage a well-reputed MBA degree in a way that could benefit you. 

  • If you’re looking to change your career mid-way, an MBA is one of the most versatile yet skilled ways to make that smooth transition. 

  • As mentioned above, an MBA is the perfect agnostic place to be in if you or someone you know might be considering a career change. Making that transition post your MBA gives you a greater chance of playing with different roles until you find one that fits. It’s one of the best places to start, as an MBA throws open multiple doors for a change in career direction. It would go a long way to stay tuned to the course as the learnings from an MBA will help you pick up newer concepts and business terminologies that help stitch together various functions in different fields. If it is a career change you are considering, imagine thoroughly what the future could look like and the kind of changes you would like to bring to your career. 


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  • Not sure of what you’d like to do? An MBA can help you narrow it down. 
  • For many of us, figuring out what we want to do is itself a feat. An MBA, in such cases, is sometimes a good place to start as it throws open multiple possibilities beyond what you would sometimes think or imagine. Not just that, being around scores of other potential MBA graduates allows for a powerful exchange of what the future could look like, throwing open more windows of opportunity fresh from your graduation. Here is where a mixture of ideas and possibilities become inspiring, in turn making the journey of figuring out what you are good at and what you wish to do a much easier feat. Even if you walk into an MBA without knowing what lies in store next, in your leaving, you carry with you more clarity than when you had first started out 

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