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Globally Known Women-Friendly Workout Apps

Brahmesh JainMay 27, '22

Fitness 101: Five Globally Known Women-Friendly Workout Apps

Keeping up with #fitnessgoals can be quite the struggle in today’s day and age. I mean, we all know exercise does wonders to the body and mental health, but who has the time? With busy schedules like ours and lack of flexible options, many of us struggle to keep up with a steady workout routine. But there’s hope. Because, lucky for us, we have tech on our side, and that means that some of the best workout apps for women are actually out there. Many of these apps give you flexible options to help you make the most of your fitness routine. From customisable diet plans, workout plans, yoga, pilates, and motivational content snippets, they are designed to make you get up and get going. 

Here are five of the best tried and tested workout apps for losing weight as recommended by experts and fitness enthusiasts. With workout apps like these, they’re guaranteed to turn your phone into your newest and most trusted workout buddy. 

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Nike Run Club - 

Nike is not just famous for their shoes, but they’ve actually taken fitness to a whole new level right from their tagline ‘Just Do It’ to their entire product range. It is no wonder that many celebrities and sportspersons consider Nike as their most trusted brand for fitness. The Nike+ Run Club, however, is a newer version of Nike’s running app, designed for every fitness and running enthusiast. It gives you all the tools you need to run better to burn calories more efficiently, aside from the continuous motivation. With GPS tracking, audio-guided runs, weekly/monthly customisable challenges, coaching plans and motivational content snippets, the Nike Run Club is designed to make you a smarter runner. 

Price -  $14.99 per month and $119.99 annually

Centr by Chris Hemsworth - 

Chris Hemsworth is notoriously famous for his good looks, but those rock-hard abs are what we all know and love about him! And the good news is that you can get them too! Chris Hemsworth’s fitness routine may have made him one of the most attractive men in the world that he’s so hot in a way it hurts. The good news though for Hemsworth fans is that he has his own workout app designed for both men and women. He along with his wife Elsa Pataky, several fitness experts, elite celebrity chefs and trainers, have come together to design Centr - an app that lets you customise your own fitness journey to suit your level and convenience. Daily workouts combined with diet plans, meditation and timely fitness support makes Centr an app that takes care of your holistic fitness and well-being. 

Added plus: Centr’s exclusive Facebook page is just as happening with a supportive environment to share fitness goals and tips through a buddy-system. 

Price - Get a 7-day free trial, and then pay for up to a year (more customisable packages available)

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Own Your Goals by Davina McCall - 

When it comes to well-known TV presenter Davina McCall, she is hands-down the Queen of celebrity workouts. Judging by the name itself, the app lets you own your own fitness journey in a way that it holds you accountable to the goals you set for yourself. The app has a wide variety of workout options and women of all age and body-types have the option of choosing workout routines that best suit them or even cancel their plan any time they wish. McCall's website provides regular motivational content as well as flexible workout options designed for women. With a strong community of like-minded women, the app has users who regularly share insights from their own fitness journey and tips on how to elevate your overall fitness experience. 

Price (in pounds) - £9.99 a month, £24.99 for three months + free seven-day trial

Fitplan - 

Fitplan provides you with personalised gym options, home workouts, step by step exercise demonstrations and sports training programs. This app is just what you need to take your fitness goals to the next level. Find being in a gym to be intimidating sometimes? With trainers like Linn Lowe and many other skilled fitness experts, your fitness experience is designed to be seamless. The app gives you interesting content in the form of videos and daily motivation. Not just that, it details how many set/ reps you’ve completed to let you track your progress. Looking to build your core strength? Fitplan is a great place to start! Choose whichever plan you like, and then further customise your workout experience to best suit your needs. Fitplan, as it says, is an app designed to be your own personal trainer, except that you have the added benefit of monitoring and measuring your fitness metrics. This is hands down one of the best workout planner apps out there. 

Price - $15.99 per month, or $83.99 per year 


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MapMyRun - 

MapMyRun is truly the runner’s reprieve. The app is designed so beautifully that it makes it very easy for you to navigate your own personal run along with training plans, routes and workouts. With too many things to remember these days, your running time and distance can often get difficult to track. That’s where MapMyRun makes for a trusted friend. With plenty of challenges based on difficulty levels, the app also lets you set your own running targets based on days, a week, month(s) or a year - the best part is that you get to choose. Track your heart rate as the app is most recommended for cardio, and stay on top of your running game every day, week and month. Make the most of this running app while you can, as it’s completely free of cost, easy to use, and very effective for women looking to get their fitness back on track.  

Price - Free

The good news is that some of the good workout apps are actually free of cost. You can stream any of these apps on your phone or TV or any other mobile screening device in order to make the most of your daily workout. These workout apps for women are designed to give more power to you by letting you set your own fitness goals at your own pace and comfort. Plus you get the added benefit of tracking and monitoring your progress! They even go as far as to help you identify if you’re overworking yourself or not working out enough based on the goals you set for yourself. Truly, workout apps are the perfect workout buddies we need. 


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Choosing the Right Workout Attire for Women - 

Choosing the right workout gear can be quite daunting. Especially for those of us who have just got into the fitness groove and have very little to no idea on what kind of t-shirts might make for a comfortable run or a jog, or even when it comes to having a comfortable time at the gym. 

Now that we have some of the best apps to get our fitness up and running, the exciting part is choosing the right kind of workout wear. It doesn’t matter what time of the day, t-shirts continue to reign when it comes to workout wear. Right from the quality of fabric, ease of movement, and the sweat absorbent and easy drying nature of t-shirts, t-shirts have become our go-to. 

When choosing a t-shirt, you want t-shirts that are easy to breathe in. Depending on your preference, workout t-shirts can be baggy or fitting, an option that is customisable with our t-shirt range. Apart from breathability, what’s better than finding a t-shirt that is also in line with your style preference? From colours, to quotes, to collar styles and fabrics, there’s a lot you can do with your workout wear to bring out your own creativity and style. 


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Check out our wide range of Gubbacci T-shirts that have been crafted with deliberate care and are easy on the skin especially during those long sweaty days. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a run to the gym or a walk to the store, our t-shirts are customisable and can perfectly carry the personality of its wearer. From round neck t-shirts to polo t-shirts, hoodies to your favourite quotes on tees, you’ll find them right here.

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