Guide To Design Reunion T-shirts

Madan KumarMay 27, '21
At Reunions, it’s a tradition for everyone in the party to wear the same T-shirt. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a get together at your home, a local restaurant, or another entertainment venue, a custom t-shirt that proudly talks about your family/ School/ Cousins for all to see is a must-have.

If you haven’t given any thought to getting a bunch of t-shirts printed up for your reunion party, think about the hundreds of thousands of pictures that you and every single one of your friends and family members will take.

What’s going to look better?

A group photo with everyone smiling? Or A group photo with everyone smiling and wearing the same “Our Reunion 2019” t-shirt?

Let us look at the various quotes and designs you can put on a reunion t-shirt and as well give you some tips on how to make your event a memorable one.

What to do at a Reunion?

Most reunions happen at a family member’s house or in an area that can host a large party such as a resort or rented hall or restaurant. Apart from mixing and mingling with other attendees, most reunions find at least half of the participants making small groups. A reunion should be just that. As such, here are a few activities you can plan to get the entire attendees up off the sidelines and into the mix:

If you chose to have the event at a private resort, here are a few actives that can be played and enjoyed by everyone with no age restrictions.

  • Board Games
  • Volleyball / Cricket / Football / Badminton
  • Lemon & Spoon race
  • Uno
  • Talent Show

Selfies & Group Shots

Get creative. Bring in a lot of props that represent your Family/ School / College. If you have friends & the family who are scattered throughout the country. And, because you don’t see everyone that often, now is the time to take as many photos as possible.

Of course, everyone who has a smartphone will be taking a bunch of photos and posting them to Facebook. But these are just amateur pictures.

Spend a little extra and hire a professional photographer to capture every moment of the event.

He/she will capture little private moments that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

A photo-booth is another excellent way to memorialize the event. Don’t forget to have your Grandma and Grandpa involved in the fun.

T-shirts That Match

Once you have the reunion planned, it’s now time to start thinking about the t-shirts. The best way to approach this is to figure out exactly who is coming. Find out what size t-shirt they wear and keep a running tally.

If you opt for a white colored t-shirt, it will behoove you to order a few more than you actually need. Food and grass stains are very common at family reunions, even more so when alcohol is involved.

There’s also a good chance that Aunt Shalini lost 20 Kgs since you last saw her and that XXXL size t-shirt you got for her is way too big.

Since custom family reunion t-shirts are so inexpensive, order a few extra of each size (including the infants!)

Custom Reunion T-shirt Design and Quote Ideas

The vast majority of custom family reunion t-shirts have the last name and the word “Reunion 2019” along with the city it’s being held in printed on the back. E.g., Kumar Family Reunion, Bengaluru 2019

Here are some additional ideas you can put on the shirt:

  • Back to the Reunion (a “Back to the Future” themed t-shirt)
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Bhagavadgita Quotes
  • Thanks for family
  • “I can’t keep calm. I’m a (insert the last name here)”
  • “We are who we are because they were who they were.”
  • Write the names of every single family member on the shirt
  • Indian movie names at the back (Which represents a character)
  • Got roots?
  • Got family?
  • It’s a family thing!
  • Love is the main ingredient
  • Keep calm and reunion on
  • The circus is in town
  • A picture of a tree that has each family members name printed on a branch
  • Have a memorial photo t-shirt printed for relatives who recently passed
  • T-Shirt material to choose?

Keep in mind the time of year when the reunion will be held. If it’s in the Winter and the weather might be a bit on the chilly side, long-sleeved t-shirts or even sweaters would be perfect.

If you are holding your reunion in an area where the weather can change dramatically from day-to-day, it’s best to stick to a traditional t-shirt. This way if it gets too hot or too cold people can dress in layers.

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