Is Gubbacci Really A Win-Win-Win Business Model?

Madan KumarMay 25, '21


Gubbacci is an online web platform that uses crowd-sourcing to design and sell T-Shirts. The artist or designer designs the T-shirt and sets the goal number of T-shirts to reach, and if that goal is reached then the T-Shirts are printed and shipped to the customers. For example, if a goal of 10 T-shirts is decided and if that goal of 10 T-Shirts is not reached, the T-Shirts are not printed, and nobody has lost anything.

The customer doesn’t have to pay anything, and the designer doesn’t have to pay anything. However, when a goal is reached, the T-Shirts are printed and sent to the customer. Gubbacci takes a cut and the artist makes a percent of the profit.


The idea behind this business is that each T-Shirt is crowd funded and doesn’t cost anything initially to set up. You can go to gubbacci right now and set up a T-Shirt to sell for free. You can set a goal as low as 3 T-Shirts and whenever the goal is reached, you will start making profits. You just need to find 3 people that want to wear your T-Shirt and you will start making money without any investment.

Gubbacci works because it is really a win-win-win idea. It's free to set up, and the designer wins, the customer wins and of course, gubbacci wins when goals are met and T-shirts are printed.

T-Shirt Design

To create a design on Gubbacci is easy. They have a built-in designer where you can add images or texts and create a great looking T-Shirt in minutes. You also have the option to import your own images and create a great looking T-Shirt like a professional.

You can offer your designs on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps and more depending on the kind of design.


Design your T-Shirts and set your goal, which can be as low as 3, and then set a completion date for this project. Then the T-Shirts go live, and you are given a page where your T-Shirts are sold. You simply need to spread this page around to your family, friends or any groups you know that would like the T-shirt.

Serious Selling

Consider using Facebook ads and Instagram ads to target specific audiences that will like your T-Shirts. Say you know a biker’s group. You can create T-Shirts that shows off a motorcycle and add an appropriate slogan. Since the traffic is targeted you are likely to make good sales.
This method does require some testing and since you are paying for advertising, it stops becoming free. If your T-Shirts don’t reach the goal then the advertising revenue would have been wasted, however, when you hit on a winner, you can scale it up as much as you want.

Can I really make money?

When selling T-Shirts with advertising, it is important to constantly track your ROI (Return On Investment). You have to know exactly how much you are spending, and how much you are making. If you know this much you can track your ROI. The better you get at tracking your ROI, the faster you will know if a T-Shirt is profitable and if you can scale up advertising revenue.

The best way is to create an excel file with all the ads, T-Shirts and various projects, and keep a track of the ROI throughout different campaigns.

Keep Growing

All the free traffic that Gubbacci gets from its advertisers helps it grow. The site has grown dramatically in the last couple of years and continues to grow every single day. Since marketers are paying for traffic to their individual T-Shirts pages, the site keeps on growing.

As the brand grows it becomes even more trustworthy, and people are more happy to buy from them knowing that they will get quality unique T-Shirts at correct prices.

In conclusion, Gubbacci is a great web platform that works for designers, marketers and T-Shirt customers. Since no one pays anything if a T-Shirt is not printed, and everyone wins if it is, it’s the perfect solution. There is no need to spend upfront money on printers and designers and all the rest, instead, just set up a free campaign in Gubbacci and see if it sells.

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