It's Wear Your Dog To Work Day Everyday 

It's Wear Your Dog To Work Day Everyday 

Madan KumarAug 2, '21

Dog owners are having a field day with their dogs, because, let’s face it, there’s been no better companion to spend lockdown with, than a pet. Dogs and dog-owners have been getting some much needed quality time, and in the process, a perfect stress-buster for stressful times. Dogs have brought love and comfort to families going through the loss of a loved one, eased the stress of being locked in, and have also turned many into fitness enthusiasts and best buds. Back in the day, walking your dog may have been a task, or something that many of us took up as a daily routine, but these days, since the pandemic, dog owners have bonded so well with their dogs that daily walks have become a thing to look forward to. 

There have also been various studies and observations made about how the pandemic has affected dog behaviour leaving many dogs riled up by the pandemic, and others, wagging their tails in joy because lockdown translated to more play time with their owners.

It is said that there was a boom in the number of people looking to adopt dogs during the pandemic as a means to ease the stress and anxiety stirred by the pandemic. Many pet dogs have received bed promotions i.e., sleeping on the floor to snuggle on the bed with their respective owners. This has helped ease the separation anxiety experienced by many pets who were suddenly thrust into a time that they could barely perceive or understand.

While some had it good, many dogs got less walk and play time outdoors, leading to new frustrated behaviours. Many of them wagged their tails away with happy owners, but there were another breed of dogs that started to exhibit strange behaviours and became more aggressive over time.

 Over the past several months, many new dog owners have considered giving up their newly adopted pets back for adoption. 

Signs your dog could be going through anxiety and how you can help ease the transition for them - 

  1. They begin to exhibit separation anxiety in a far greater magnitude than before. These behaviours could manifest through incessant barking, biting, or other forms of aggression that have developed fairly recently. When you leave the house for a bit, and find that your pet has gone overboard in chewing things up, biting into your furniture, leaving scratches around your home or pooping all around, it’s probably separation anxiety. 

  2. Since the pandemic, if you’ve found that your dog is showing sudden aggression toward other dogs as well as people, it's probably a sign that your dog hasn’t been taking the situation too well and that these times have been hard on them too. 

  3. If you find your pet showing signs of unusual, hyperactive behaviour, it is probably because it’s going through a difficult time and is unable to express itself except through those hyperactive behaviours. It just means that your pet misses the stability that it was once used to, and the little triggers may have it riled up. 

What you can do about it - 

While these are behaviours that many of our dogs may have acquired during lockdown, they are behaviours that can be reshaped and controlled. Simple things like paying more attention to the needs of your dogs and trying to be more present and involved in its transition may ease a lot of the stress and anxiety it experiences. 

Take notice of your dogs’ behaviours and triggers. Avoid adopting and then leaving your pet to fend for itself. Dogs are very sociable creatures, so if you can’t set aside time and effort to nurture and care for a pet, it’s best to not get one. Spend more quality time with your dogs. If their outdoors’ play time has been cut short due to the pandemic, find other ways to keep them engaged and energetic. 

Signs of the happy pandemic dog - 

The happy pandemic dog exhibits signs of joy and happiness. The effects are far-reaching and change the life of its owner too. Happy dog, happy life. 

Dogs are known to keep everyone at home happy and content. Also, with dogs spending a lot more time with their owners post-pandemic, many have talked about experiencing an increase in overall productivity.  

Lockdown has allowed time for those long much-needed runs, walks and jogs, and having a dog for company just makes the journey all the more enjoyable and holistic. So yes, dogs can affect your fitness for the better.  

Many of us are dreading returning to work spaces because that means a lot less time at home with our pets and an increased inseparability. Dogs make us happy, just as we keep them happy wagging their tails. 

If you, like us, are one of those dreading the thought of leaving your dog behind, there are cute little ways that could help you ease that anxiety. Take for example, personalised dog t-shirts, including the actual picture of your dog, will tell the world that not much has changed, and your dog will always remain your first love. 

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