Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Madan KumarJun 20, '21
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When it comes to our fathers, we all hold different spaces, but some commonalities tie us together to bring more than just a smile to our faces. Fathers can be everything from cringe-worthy to playful, hilarious, serious, and protective, but they are so much beyond that. From our first ever bicycle ride, to teaching us sports, cracking jokes, holding down the fort and making our failures seem insignificant, to reminding us that the world is our oyster and that nothing is impossible, fathers truly deserve a shoutout every day and not just today. The word father may hold different meanings to sons, daughters and queer kids, but come rain or sunshine, in each of these, fatherhood holds its own unique place and is a bond that can never be forgotten. We will always be grateful to our fathers for the small and big ways in which they have shaped our lives both knowingly and unknowingly. 

The story behind Father’s Day - 

Grace Golden - Father's Day

The tradition of this day all began with a little girl, Grace Golden, the daughter of a priest, who commemorated a day in memory of all the men lost during a mining accident in the USA in 1908. Following that, Senora Smart Dodd observed Father's Day publicly in memory of her father, a civil war veteran who had raised her five siblings and her as a single parent. Finally, in 1972, US President Nixon officially declared a day for celebrating fathers which came to be the third Sunday of June every year. 

Movies may give fatherhood that easy-breezy humourous glow but as we grow older we come to see and recognize all the colours and shapes of fatherhood. The sacrifices that fathers have made over the years be it financially, physically, emotionally and sometimes spiritually, is unmatched and often overlooked. 

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The Psychology of Fatherhood

Conversations around parenting have almost always inadvertently focused on the role of mothers. But with modernity and an ever changing world we're living in, fathers are playing an increasing role in the lives of their offspring. This welcome change in society is very likely in response to developments that have challenged traditional sex roles. While mothers still play the larger role in caretaking activities, fathering has increasingly become a more involved phenomenon, proving that men of the household can bring more to the table than just an income.

For most men, entering fatherhood means they won't continue to be the man they were before their child was born. Research shows fathers to have increased levels of oxytocin - also called the "love hormone" typically linked to that warm, fuzzy feeling - that is usually found to be in higher levels in women, during the initial weeks of their babies' lives. In the first year of a child's life, there are entire areas of a man's brain that change, growing in response to various hormonal changes and equipping the father with critical skills to care for their newborn. Some of these include greater sensitivity to crying, higher responsiveness to the needs of another and an increased ability to bond emotionally.


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The involvement of our fathers in raising us has been linked to a potential for our positive development outcomes, both cognitively and emotionally. Studies have linked fatherhood to long term outcomes like academic and career success as well. While many fathers still have traditional attitudes toward raising children, caring and hands-on fathers are cause for celebration today. 

And while many dads wish they could be more active on the home front, workplaces are yet to adapt. Fathers are torn between needing and wanting to care while at the same time having to provide for their families. As kids, we often tend to overlook the emotional toll it takes on our fathers to keep up with the tasks of caring for their families, with barely enough time to prioritise their own self-care.

While there is no formula for perfect fatherhood, fathers everywhere are doing it in ways that make most sense for them, doing their best to have authentic, meaningful relationships with their child.

In a Father’s Shoes (or maybe his t-shirt)

As children we tried to fit into our father’s shoes and walked around with pride, as we became adults we subconsciously emulated our fathers, putting ourselves in more than just his shoes. From stealing our dad’s shoes as kids to wearing his t-shirts as adults, not much has changed.

Let’s face it, our fathers' personality and unique parenting style has stayed with us for long after we grew up, and we take pride in being even remotely like them.  

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Moms May Run The World, But Kids Run To Their Fathers

Our fondest memories of dads involve ones where they had to get us out of trouble on more than one occasion. Sometimes, they’ve gone so far as becoming mediators between our mothers and us, and have been strong advocates for our individuality and personhood. Mums may run the world, and yes they do, but let’s face it, when we’re in trouble, it’s always the dads we run to. They have a sensibility and knack for getting us out of the trouble we bury ourselves in.  

Apart from being lifesavers, our fathers have played the role of our best friends, mentors, our strongest inspirations, financial advisors, career counsellors, and the ones who make the rules, but also the ones who break them, and so much more. And how can we ever forget dad jokes?! Dad jokes have become a world phenomenon not because of their funniness, but mostly because of the lack of it. 

If you don’t know what a dad joke is, you’ve got to first ask “when does a dad joke become a dad joke?” You’ll soon find out that it’s when you “become a groan up.”


Love Your Dad? 

Bring a smile to his face this Father’s Day!

For all the shoes we stole from him, and his t-shirts that hugged us, for all the times we couldn’t show or express our gratitude, here’s one for the world’s greatest dad! 

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To all the fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day! We see you and celebrate you.

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