Personalize Face Masks for your Brand?

Personalize Face Masks for your Brand?

Madan KumarApr 19, '21

In the age of modern branding, the need for customization or personalization cannot be underestimated or overlooked. We know how much it takes to build a brand and the different measures you have to opt for the development. As the novel Coronavirus has hit every other industry and business, the need for taking a high road has taken priority. Customization has become undeniably beneficial or significant for any brand development or promotion. If you are the one who owns a small business and wants to change your marketing strategies, opting for customizing the products may earn you some brownie points. 

Many other brands, small or large, are embracing customization today for more consumer involvement. But rather than taking it as a tool for revenue generation, customizing products for customers is much more of a loyalty and promotion stunt. Thus, Gubbacci USA has arrived with the opportunity to customize the basic, standard, and premium masks, looking over what has become more significant or say needful today. With the outbreak of Coronavirus, every other person is supposed to wear a mask, and giving it a personal touch is what we do. You can also customize the masks with your logo and company name to help the people in fighting the pandemic to promote your brand and gain more customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What Gubbacci has to Offer?

Basic Masks

Hypoallergenic and 100% cotton, the Basic Masks offered by Gubbacci are available for customization. Made in India, the quality and performance of these custom face masks are unbeatable. Driving more customers towards your brand, Gubbacci Basic Masks with a screen-printing option allows you to print your logo, name, or any information you like to pass. 

Standard Face Masks

With the screen-printing option available, the Gubbacci Standard Face Masks in different colors and sizes are available for brand customization. These masks are extremely comfortable to wear which not only gives your customers healthy prevention from germs but also builds your brand name effectively. With 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the reusable face masks with replaceable 2.5M filter offers outstanding performance. The nose clip is attached and avoids eyeglass fogging. 

Premium Masks

Just like your premium brand, Gubbacci Premium Masks develops a sense of quality and care in the eyes of your customers. Available for embroidery printing, these face masks for adults and kids are perfect to customize and help provide some protection against germs and viruses. These premium custom face masks can be printed with your team logo, company name, or more for brand visibility and promotion. These masks also come in a branded cloth bag for easy care and storage.


Get it Today!

No matter if you just opened a brand or running it for decades, offering something to your customers with a personalized touch never goes out of date. It has been proved that the company’s personalized products tend to earn more customer loyalty than others. If you still have not added product customization to your online store, do it as quickly as possible to leverage sales above others. Explore the Gubbacci Custom Masks and get them printed with your brand logo and name to reach more audience, while giving them a quality option to stay protected from the Coronavirus outbreak.

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