Seven Most Common Mistakes People Make When Sending Gifts to India From Abroad

Seven Most Common Mistakes People Make When Sending Gifts to India From Abroad

Suntec ClientsAug 9, '21

More often than not, people outside India are scared of sending gifts online to their family and friends. The reasons behind it are the mistakes that either they have committed in the past or the ones they have learned from their friends or acquaintances abroad. Here are those seven most common mistakes people make when sending gifts to India:


  1. Placing orders on fake websites:

 Yes, this happens all the time. People order on fake websites and lose their money in the process and also risk fraudulent use of their credit card. Whenever you plan to send a gift to your loved one, the emotion associated matters more than the cost. And these emotions can make one impulsive and irrational. So it's of paramount importance to exert caution and not get easily tempted with products that are being sold at unbelievable discounts. If it is too good to believe, then it's too good to be true. In fact, one needs to make sure that the website is a secure one and has https:// before the website address on the browser bar. Secure websites will have a lock before the website and on browsers like google chrome, it will say not secure if the website does not have https://. Be wise while purchasing a gift online.

It is also essential that purchases are made via a secure platform such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Gubbacci! If you are considering a gift of chocolates, cakes or flowers, it would be meaningful to browse sites like fernsnpetals and However, If you are planning to gift custom T-Shirts, Hoodies, Polos and Caps for any occasion for your family and friends then consider Gubbacci. It is one of the best online platforms presently to buy custom apparel gifts for your loved ones in India. Gubbacci is authentic, safe and secure. It offers a unique and creative way to express your emotion or convey wishes to a loved one on any special occasion from any corner of the world to India.

  1. Sending gifts at the last minute: 

Hectic routines and packed schedules sometimes take precedence over spending time and searching for gifts to send. And before we are aware of it, we have little time left to send the perfect gift and we are down to the last minute. And more often than not, the occasion is missed and one has to make do with just a phone call and an apology. And believe us when we say, there are special occasions when it's not just the thought that counts! The right Gift matters too !! 

So, make sure you place the order well in advance so that it reaches on time to the person who means a lot to you. This also helps since shipping times vary with particular products accordingly. A bouquet of flowers might need a shorter duration but a well thought out personalized photo book might take longer. 


  1. Using credit cards that charge foreign transaction fees: 

Using credit cards that charge a foreign transaction fee and do not cover for fraudulent charges is not the best option. For instance, credit cards in the US, UK, UAE, and Australia does not charge foreign transaction fees. So, while purchasing a gift online for your family and friends in India, make sure you use a credit card that doesn’t charge a foreign transaction fee and does cover for fraudulent charges. 


  1. Buying from a non-reputed company: 

What’s the point in buying anything from a brand or company that’s not reputable? After all, it is about you and your loved ones’ image. So, make sure that the company you are buying from is reputable, has a nice track record and delivers on time. We do not want to spend all the money to only find out that the product was of low quality and was not delivered on time. Check online for google reviews and make sure it is at least more than 4 stars.


  1. Unique Website login and passwords: 

If the website you are buying a gift for your family requires your login and password details. Make sure you do not use the same login ID, credentials and passwords that you use or have used at your work, bank or other financial institutions.


  1. Don’t read product and website reviews: 

Many fall into a trap because they miss reading about the product and website reviews. So, it is always recommended to read online reviews and feedback on the brand and the product. There is no point spending your money on something that your family and friends in India that have bad reviews. Check online for google reviews and make sure it is at least more than 4 stars and a significant number of reviews.


  1. Saving payment information: 

Last but not least, sometimes people get trapped when they save their payment information online. Never ever save your payment information online. It can be a huge trap, I tell you!! 

Consider Gubbacci, and trust….it is the best online platform to buy custom apparel gifts for your family and friends in India!!They accept all forms of online payments including PayPal, Google Pay, Paytm, Credit and Debit cards.

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