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Show Off your Love in Style with Comfort Gubbacci Apparel

Madan KumarApr 29, '21

What do you think is one of the most important things in a relationship? We would say, it’s comfort! When you are comfortable with your partner, you are confident to open up with your feelings and heartfelt concerns, eventually building trust and strengthening your relationship. And what better way to start being comfortable than wearing 100% cotton-made, relaxed-fit T-shirts?

We bring you the Gubbacci T-shirts collection that is perfect for you and your loved one if you are more in love with each other each day. You can choose one of these pairs of T-shirts (or maybe 10) to fill up your wardrobe in the same way you fill each other’s hearts.

Here are some of our best designs of customised T-shirts specially made for couples that you can style every day, all day to express your love for each other.

  • She/He is My One & Only – This pair of T-shirts is among the cutest designs we have in our collection. They are made from 100% cotton fabric with a crew neck for the guy and a round neck for the gal. Talk about comfort, eh?
  • Aye She’s/He’s Mine – Get dibs on your guy or gal in the goofiest way you like with this T-shirt. The blue on guy’s T-shirt and pink on girl’s T-shirt makes the perfect combination and these T-shirts can make a great gift as well.
  • Born to Love Him/Her – Time to get more intense with the declaration of your love! This pair of T-shirts is sure to showcase your love to everyone. You cannot deny the fact that they are the perfect choice for a cute, themed photo-shoot.

Moving forward, do you have what it takes to show off your love to everyone around you? So now, let’s take a look at the ways you can style these T-shirts for adventures through your relationship life.

Flaunt your Connection

Our T-shirts “Connected to Him/Her” are perfect for the new love-birds who are just starting to build a lovely connection. The colours contrast with each other perfectly and will keep you comfortable all day long through a nice, beach outing.


Let’s Say Cheese…

If you are not taking cheesy photographs with your loved one, are you even showing off your relationship enough? Take adorable photographs in the “I Stole Her Heart/Stealing His Last Name” T-shirts and announce your wedding news exclusively.

Time to Be Majestic!

Announcing your love for each other with the “I’m His/Her Queen/King” T-shirts has got to be the most regal event! Okay, maybe not that colossal but these T-shirts are sure to make you feel classy among a group of your friends.


We, at, deal in several kinds of pretty apparel and bulk shirts, T-shirts that will add more class to your collection. Browse through our website and take a look at all the sustainable fashion items we offer. 

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