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Significance of Skulls in different cultures and how they made their way on to T-Shirts

Brahmesh JainMay 24, '21
Skulls have been used to symbolize death and reminding us of our mortality. In modern days skulls have been admired and loved for its symmetry. Human brain has a specific region for recognizing faces and is so good to finding them that it can see faces in just a few dots and lines. The human brain cannot separate the image of the human skull from the familiar human face. Because of this, both the death and the now-past life of the skull are symbolized.

Images of skull are now used in tattoos, t-shirts, and painted on decorative items.

Significance of Skulls
Skull is a common symbol featured in the myths of many cultures, from the Mayan or Aztec to the tribal groups of North America.

Looking at a skull can shock anyone. Afterall, it's a stark confrontation of human mortality. Every culture had the same reaction for skulls and formed their own beliefs and traditions because of it. This especially applies to Hinduism and Buddhism which are known for their deep meanings of life and death.
Skulls in Hinduism

Goddess Kaali
In India, skulls have played an essential role in religious depictions. Hinduism is indeed the oldest continuous civilization which has established itself firmly in the belief of transcendental reality.

In Hinduism skulls have often adorned Gods and Goddesses as necklaces or bracelets, portraying their ability to conquer death. Nataraja, an incarnation of Shiva dances with a chain of skulls around his neck.

He is identified as the time and death of human beings through his garland of skulls around his neck. Goddess Kali is also seen wearing a garland of freshly severed heads. Her skull garlands appear with horror to show all dangers, bloodshed, and finally inevitable destruction. Goddess Kali also holds a head in her hand to show that it is a skull in making.

This symbolizes bringing down those with ego. Hindus believe that this is the natural progression of life, and everything moves circularly. Life and death are considered to be parts of cosmic drama and are embraced, not resisted.

Skulls in Buddhism

Citipati - Buddhist Diety
Citipati - Buddhist Diety
Unlike Hinduism, skulls do not represent the circle of life and death. Although similar to Hindus, skulls are depicted as a necklace around a deity called Munda malas. It represents an important Buddhist concept of emptiness.

This means that whatever we feel, and experience has no inherent nature by itself, but we attach a meaning to it. In simple words, it means that all events are neutral, but we magnify them in our minds.
Meaning of Skulls in Celtic Traditions

The skull is viewed as the seat of power in Celtic culture. It is also pointed as the house of the soul. According to archeological findings, Skulls were tossed into sacred wells as offerings which has a very deep meaning.

Water is seen as a symbol of cleansing, purification, and fluidity of motion. Since the skull symbolizes the seat of the soul and power, hurling them into the dark depths of sacred well water signifies the intention to cleanse the soul.

Weird Facts about Skulls 

There is only one moving bone in the human skull, and it is the jawbone used for chewing food. In medical terms it is called mandible


The smallest bones are in the ear and they are malleus(hammer), incus(anvil) and the stapes(stirrup). These bones together are called ossicles and they help us hear sound. It helps transmit sound vibrations from air to the fluid in the inner ear.
An average force of 785 pounds is needed to crush a human skull

Skullbone is strong, but teeth are even stronger. Enamel makes the teeth stronger and this also protects the delicate nerves and tissue inside the teeth.

The Significance of the Skull in Art and Cinema

Memento Mori
In the 16th and 17th centuries, the skull first started to be used with a deathly grin. The statement that often accompanied the image of skull was ‘Memento Mori,’ which in Latin means ‘Never forget that you must die’, One of the most gruesome rituals was to use the skull of an enemy as a drinking cup in ancient England.

The symbol of the skull has also been used by literary giants like Shakespeare. One of his most popular plays, Hamlet, features the titular character holding a skull. It was indeed the most popular scene in the play.

In more recent times, one of the most enduring images from the famous Hollywood movie, The Terminator, shows a pile of human skulls in a dystopian world that was taken over by machines. Here, skulls were once again seen as a symbol of death.

The more recent resurgence of the skull in fashion has been associated with the popularity of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.
History of Skull in Fashion

It is entirely unclear when the human skull made its way from the deep coffers of Halloween to mainstream fashion. It is believed that skulls were brought into the public glare by biker gang subculture. They loved the skull and sported it on rings, t-shirts, jackets, headgear, and, most importantly, on their bikes.

Usage of skulls is the perfect example of uniqueness that the subculture yearned for. It is highly unconventional yet so popular. You can call it the fascination for the sinister; the skull soon started to make an appearance on the ramp too. Hollywood took notice also and has now become ubiquitous in fashion. Today, skulls are everywhere! 

Future of Skull Fashion

Skull  Collection at Gubbacci
Skull Collection at Gubbacci
Owing to its various references, symbolic uses, and diverse history, the use of the skull in fashion is not expected to dwindle anytime soon. Not only people can relate to it, but it’s also availability has skyrocketed.

A decade ago, it was challenging to find a clothing piece with an image of a skull on it, but today, you can even find lingerie and baby diapers with a cutesy skull visage.

Since skull fashion is rising, Gubbacci has skull-themed t-shirts under Gubbacci Black Collection. Skull t-shirts are the prevailing style in the behaviour of the newest creation in terms of fashion.

So, if you are someone who loves to go for something different and gothic, you can pick up an awesome skull t-shirt for you. You can pair it up with almost anything. Wear it with joggers or a skirt, it will add that chic factor to your attire. You can also pair it up with accessories like sunglasses and a hat which will make you stand out of the crowd.

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