Unity In Action

Unity In Action: Celebrating International Volunteer Day

Madan KumarDec 4, '23

Unity In Action: Celebrating International Volunteer Day

December 5th is the annual International Volunteer Day. The United Nations has set aside this day to honour the global volunteer community's contributions. Although volunteering is helpful in numerous areas of society, the exact theme differs from year to year. Theme for 2023: The power of collective action: if everyone did.

This day serves as a reminder of the strength of generosity and its capacity to improve communities on a local and global scale. Volunteers frequently labour in fields like poverty, education, healthcare, and other areas that improve the economic standing of communities. International Volunteer Day gives us a chance to honour these selfless people who give their time, talents, and resources to help different organizations and play a critical role in economic development.

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The Impact Of Volunteering Around The World

Volunteering has a profound effect, forming a community of interrelated groups that grow by cooperation, kindness, and a shared desire to bring about positive change.

  • Volunteers play an essential part in changing the world, whether they are teaching children in remote regions, rebuilding homes after natural disasters, or providing medical treatment in developing nations.
  • It bridges social, cultural, and geographic barriers to unite people from various backgrounds. Volunteers and locals are frequently working on projects together, creating bonds and partnerships that build empathy and understanding. The community gains from the exchange of information and experiences.
  • A community's impact grows when its members see others contributing readily of their time and energy to make their lives better. It inspires people to take initiative and nurtures a sense of responsibility and ownership for the welfare of their local community. This creates hope for a better future and brings about long-lasting change.
  • People who volunteer globally not only make immediate change but also support a worldwide movement of peace and unity.
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International Volunteer Day 2023

The theme of 2023 for International Volunteer Day which is "The Power of Collective Action: If Everyone Did" introduces a concept that revolves around the influence that group efforts can have on bringing about constructive change. The idea that small individual acts can have a substantial and meaningful impact when repeated throughout a community or society is highlighted. With everyone working towards a similar goal, this topic motivates people to see their own power and the possibility of positive change. It supports the idea that working together to address global issues, promote peace, and build a brighter future for everybody is what makes cooperation so effective.

By uniting on this day, we not only recognise the contributions made by volunteers but also bring attention to the urgent social issues that need to be addressed. It serves as a reminder that everyone can affect change, regardless of background or means, and that change starts with collective action.

This day also provides a platform for displaying the programmes and projects that volunteers around the world are working on. It is a call to action for communities, organizations, and governments to fund and support volunteer-based initiatives. So let's celebrate International Volunteer Day with joy and thankfulness, appreciating the priceless contributions of volunteers and their dedication to making a difference in the world.

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Getting Involved In Volunteering

Here is a guide outlining how to get involved in volunteering-

  • Research Organizations: Find credible non-governmental organizations (NGOs) aligned with your values and causes of interest.
  • Explore Opportunities: Visit the websites of organizations and consider the kind of work, the place, and the amount of time that work best for you.
  • Evaluation of Skills: Determine your areas of experience and skill to find a volunteer position that goes with your strengths. 
  • Reaching Out: Participate in volunteer fairs where organizations may advertise their openings. You can also directly contact non-profits or look for online options that let you contribute remotely. 
  • Networking with Other Volunteers: Make connections with other volunteers to hear about their experiences and discover other opportunities. Once you have committed, stay reliable. Consistency is essential in volunteering.

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