What’s Up for This Halloween?

What’s Up for This Halloween?

Brahmesh JainOct 22, '22

What’s Up for This Halloween?

The spooky vibe of Halloween has fast slithered into the cosmopolitan festive fabric of India. Emulating the west, kids and adults have embraced the festival of costumes ‘N candies with a sportive spirit. Restro bars and hotels host spooky theme parties to get into the groove and attract more youth during Halloween week.

The Origin of Halloween

Halloween celebrations are rooted in the ancient Celtic festival called Samhain which signalled the arrival of winter and the end of the harvest season. The members of the European Celtic tribe believed that their ancestors' spirits visit around this time of the year and that they can converse with them (as if that doesn't sound like every other Bollywood horror movie plot!). With help from their ancestors' spirits, the Celts believed they would be able to make progress on their blocked projects. That could be one reason how the creepy element got ingrained in Halloween.

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Celebrate Halloween Indian style

So how do you plan to have fun this halloween? For both adults and kids, Halloween would mean weird and scary costumes. There are several creative ways to dress up for Halloween. You can draw inspiration from your favourite personalities and some of the best moments of the previous year - whether to use makeup or a wig to become your favourite character from a movie or television show.

It's quite acceptable to go as the traditional vampire or a witch, but sometimes it can be entertaining to choose a costume that no one else has at the party. There's still time to put together an outfit that stuns many, and perhaps give  a tough competition to Ranveer Singh!

Use this list of 5 Instagram-worthy suggestions as inspiration for your upcoming Halloween look.

  • TV Series - For every sexy Catwoman outfit in the West, there is an equally alluring snake woman in India. Mouni Roy as Naagin is the prime example of that. And if you are not into sexy, how about trying our oh-so-famous Kokila Ben? You can always make 'Rasode Mein Kaun Tha' into a spooky story.
  • Bollywood Inspired - As stated by Amir Khan in Dangal, "Maari Bollywood Hollywood se kam hai ke" well, not exactly in the same order, but you got the point! You can choose from classic horror stories to the new concept of horror comedy. Do we even need to mention our beloved Manjulika?
  • Desi Bhoot - We have a plethora of desi bhoot to choose from: from a lazy white saree-clad ‘aatma’ to cannibalistic cavemen. An Aghori Sadhu will surely give someone a week worth of nightmares for sure!
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  • Marvel/DC - A Halloween party without a flashy superhero or a villain? Is that even a party? You can be the Joker or if you want to keep it simple, go with an Ironman Halloween T-shirt. Just don't forget your mask, though!
  • Anime - Halloween doesn't have to be all spooky and traditional. You can always spice it up by dressing as your favourite 3D character! And if you are an anime fan, you'd definitely have that one favourite anime character we would love to cosplay. What's a better day than Halloween to flaunt that Goku T-shirt of a Luffy Hat? How about carrying a deathnote with you?
  • The Classics - Sometimes, the best way to celebrate Halloween is to go back to its roots. If you are not a big fan of any of the modern characters, you can always go old-school with the classics like Dracula, Frankenstein or even a werewolf!

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