What's in a Custom T-shirt? 4 Ways a T-shirt Can Add Value to Your Life

What's in a Custom T-shirt? 4 Ways a T-shirt Can Add Value to Your Life

Madan KumarSep 14, '21

Remember the times when people had “Free Hugs” printed onto banners and their t-shirts, or how reading inspiring, humorous, memorable quotes off random strangers’ t-shirts would be enough to make someone smile? 

In a world that’s full of tasks and lists and never-ending things to do, we often feel neglected, unseen, unloved, and broken. Not everyone has a shoulder to cry on or an ear to lend or the time to pay attention to the stories around us. Social media is full of surface-level content, but what we truly hold within, rarely reveals itself. We forget our humanness and what human connection feels like. No one is particularly to blame, but we often find ourselves here as a consequence of the life most of us have to lead in order to bring our dreams to life. It’s because sometimes we get too caught up trying to make ends meet and survive. 

If a person can make even 10 people happy in the littlest of ways, our world becomes slightly more joyful. Like H. Jackson Brown, Jr. said, “Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” Everyone deserves to be happy, everyone deserves love, and you can be that little something for someone else.

Little things go a long way, the photos that attract smiles on social media do a similar job on t-shirts. The smallest of conscious choices compound over time and help improve the reality we live in and the same thing can be applied to your t-shirt choices. In this article, we talk more about the power of t-shirts and how through the content we wear on our t-shirts, we can bring smiles to people’s faces, generate awareness on social issues, nudge thought-provoking conversations and in these little ways make the world feel slightly better.

  • Generates Awareness:

  • Our world isn’t ideal, and the issues that pervade our existence are many. If you’re someone who is dedicated to a particular issue, you could have that printed on your t-shirt. Many years ago, people inscribed “Free Tibet” on their clothes, on random rocks, and on pathways, and eventually, that is how a lot of the world came to know about the situation in Tibet. 

    At social gatherings, custom t-shirts can amplify your view and your voice. You could be the means to someone getting to know about women’s rights, or LGBTQ community, or the problems with global warming. All it takes are a few words to generate awareness. The more we understand and are reminded of these issues, the more we may think of ways to fix them and live with the necessary awareness. Some of our collections here at Gubbacci like Pro-Vaccine, Earth Day, Autism, etc are meant to do that. If you have a specialized set of things to say, you can always head to the Design Studio and create your own design too. 

  • Opportunity to be Eco-Friendly:

  • A lot of the daily choices we make sometimes lead to negative consequences like carbon footprint, global warming, resource depletion, bad labor situations, etc. The same applies when you’re not conscious about the clothes you choose to wear. Many clothing brands choose to turn a blind eye to the consequences of their outdated and unethical ways of production. But there are several  brands today that are eco-sensitive and adopt measures in garment production that are better for nature, people, and the world we live in. 

    Wherever possible, we do our fair bit to leave the least footprint and stay sensitive to the environment through the different stages of the making of our t-shirts. 

  • Make One’s Day Through Funny/Inspiring Quotes:

  • Almost all of us have had episodes or stretches where we’re at the top of our game. Many times our work forces us to stay motivated and inspired but we’re also prone to long stretches of being low and feeling uninspired. A funny photo or an inspiring quote on someone’s t-shirt can give someone the kind of boost they need and sometimes make their day. That one quote that pushes you to keep moving even when things get hard, can do the same for a random stranger too. T-shirts are great thought-starters and have the power to initiate many conversations, be it funny, serious, inspirational or creative. 

    We love wearing our hearts on our sleeves and have a range of designs that do just that. Right from our “Quotes on Tees”, “Funny and Cute Prints”, to our “Funny Sayings” collections, our range of t-shirts can be anywhere from humorous to inspirational. 

  • Shows Your Support For Local Businesses:

  • Supporting local companies and businesses can help boost the economy, reduce environmental impact, lower taxes, and generate more jobs. The time to support local businesses is ripe in India with the rise of newer small as well as large-scale businesses throughout the country. Wearing brand merchandise with content that engages and leaves a mark on people is a great way for brand recall, and leaves people inquisitive about an up and coming brand. It’s a great way to show support to small businesses. 

    Brands and campaigns create awareness about goals and their products, but these campaigns last a short time and have a very short feedback loop. In contrast, we as humans and our canvas are very powerful tools for change. Have you ever considered what kind of impact a single person can create over the span of one year? Can you imagine the positive impact one can have over the world by consciously trying to bring about such changes? Head to our Gubbacci collections to find a t-shirt that voices your mind or design one for yourself in the Design Studio. 

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