Wheels and Wanderlust-Exploring road trips from Bangalore: Part 1

Wheels and Wanderlust-Exploring road trips from Bangalore: Part 1

Syed HasanOct 31, '23

World Tourism Day is an annual event celebrated on September 27th to promote the significance of travel around the globe. World Tourism Day also encourages people to visit new places, respect diverse cultures, and aid in the tourism sector's long-term expansion. It offers a platform for governments, companies, and individuals to interact and collaborate on creating a more responsible and sustainable tourist industry.

Introducing "Wheels and Wanderlust: Road Tripping from Bangalore"—a captivating blog series that will take you on a tour of the scenic roads and undiscovered treasures that lie just beyond Bangalore's busy streets. We believe that road trips captures the spirit of travel and have long been a favourite with travellers of all kinds because of the excitement of the open road, the flexibility to select your own path, and the possibility of making unexpected discoveries. We will explore how road trip ideally represent the spirit of exploration and discovery that is at the heart of the tourism industry and perfectly matches with the themes of World Tourism Day as we go on this adventure through our blog.

As we set out on a series of spectacular journeys, get ready to hit the road with us. This series will act as your guide while you discover Southern India's unique landscapes and cultures, which range from misty hill stations to historic towns, stunning beaches to animal reserves. We have a road trip that's perfect for you, whether you're a fan of history, nature, or just want a quiet getaway.

Planning road trips: Things to do

Road trips are the ideal way to escape the daily grind, discover new places, and make priceless memories. The secret to a successful and pleasurable trip, regardless of your level of experience on the road. We will go over the necessities and offer helpful advice in this guide to make sure your trip is safe, comfortable, and exciting. Planning road trips require you to take few things into consideration. Below are some trip tips that can be useful-

Route: Make an itinerary with your rest stops, sightseeing pit stops, and lunch stops. Trip planning tools can help you achieve this. Also keep an open mind to unforeseen turns and surprises.

Pack light: Less luggage means more room and a lighter load for your car. Take only what you require for your excursion.

Prioritize safety : This should come first: always abide by the law, belt up, and refrain from texting or making phone calls while driving.

Rest well: To avoid driver tiredness, obtain a good night's sleep the night before your trip and plan breaks every two hours.

Local knowledge: Do some research on the areas you will be travelling through by reading articles, travel blogs etc. It is essential to be aware of the nearby tourist sites, the weather, and the condition of the roads.

Emergency contacts: Tell a family member or acquaintance you can trust about your trip itinerary and schedule. Update them on your progress and trip route.

Keep hydrated: To stay focused and alert, regularly consume water. Fatigue can result from dehydration.

Enjoy the route: Keep in mind that the route is just as important as the destination when taking a road trip. Enjoy the views, sample the cuisine, and make unexpected pit stops.

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Road trip essentials for a memorable journey

  • A trip budget should include for costs such as fuel, accommodation, food, entertainment, tolls, and emergency cash. To ensure a smooth and economical journey, it is crucial to plan and budget for each category.
  • Before getting on the road, make sure your car is in excellent shape. Verify the levels of the oil, all fluids, brakes, and tyres. Bring a jack, spare tyre and basic toolbox with you.
  • For route planning and real-time navigation, GPS equipment or smartphone apps like Google Maps are necessary. There are many trip planning tools such has roadtrippers app that can you can download. A phone charger for the car is a must.
  • Carry your driver's licence, vehicle registration, and insurance proof with you. Keep these documents and your identity close at hand.
  • Bandages, antiseptic wipes, painkillers, and any essential prescription medications should all be included in a first aid bag. Include an emergency kit with things like a torch, road flares, blankets and a multi-tool.
  • Carry some cash with you for tolls, small purchases, and emergencies. Have a debit or credit card on hand for major purchases.
  • Pack a cooler with water and food such as nuts, granola bars, and fresh fruit for your travels so that you don't need to stop often.
  • Stock up on podcasts, audiobooks, and music playlists for entertainment during long commutes.

Holidays with kids can be a fantastic adventure that creates lasting memories. However, planning road trips with children demand more preparation and effort. Pack snacks, entertainment, and activities to keep the kids occupied during the trip. The monotony of the journey can be broken up and made more exciting by making frequent stops at fascinating locations along the way. Additionally, safety should always come first, so before getting behind the wheel, double check that all child safety seats and seatbelts are fastened. Road excursions with kids can develop into a treasured family tradition with careful planning and a sense of adventure.

Traveling with pets? Here are some helpful tips-

Thorough preparation is necessary when planning road trips with pets in order to ensure their comfort and safety. To keep them safe during the trip, start by strapping the proper safety device, such as a pet seatbelt or travel box. To provide a sense of home when travelling, packing list should include necessities like food, water, bowls, a leash, a collar with ID tags, bedding, and beloved toys. Make sure to schedule regular pauses so your pet may stretch, drink, and go potty. Ensure that your pet is healthy and immunised before the trip by taking it to the vet. Look into pet-friendly lodgings, and pay attention to the temperature inside the car. To reduce stress, don't forget to pack a pet first aid kit.

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Popular destinations in and round the city

Bangalore has a wide range of road trip options to suit the preferences of every traveller. The road trips from Bangalore promise excitement, relaxation, and priceless memories. Destinations range from stunning hill stations to ancient towns and beach retreats. Below are a few of the most well-known road trip locations that are only a short drive from the city.

Mysore: This is a well-known destination for road trips because of its fascinating history, stunning palaces, and well-kept gardens. Don't forget to visit Chamundi Hill, Brindavan Gardens, and the magnificent Mysore Palace.

Coorg (Kodagu): Known as the "Scotland of India,", Coorg is famous for its coffee plantations, foggy hills, and luscious flora. Discover waterfalls, hiking routes, and the distinctive Kodava culture.

Hampi: Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to several boulders, temples, and old ruins. The trip itself is an adventure because it goes through the rural core of Karnataka.

Ooty: This Nilgiri Hills town provides a tranquil and beautiful getaway from the city. Enjoy the peaceful Ooty Lake, beautiful tea gardens, and a trip on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway.

Pondicherry: In the lovely village of Pondicherry, discover a little bit of France in India. Discover the French Quarter, unwind on the best beaches, and indulge in delectable French cuisine.

Wayanad: A paradise for nature lovers, Wayanad is a region in Kerala. Expect to find tranquil backwaters, wildlife reserves, and lush green landscapes. It's the ideal location for anybody looking for peace and quiet.

Bangalore offers a gateway to a wide range of captivating locations with its advantageous position in South India. Bangalore is a road trip enthusiast's dream come true because it offers the ideal mix of well-known and offbeat locations. Every route leads to adventure, natural beauty, and cultural diversity, from the well-known attractions of Mysore and Ooty to the lesser-known gems of Sakleshpur and Gandikota. There is a road trip waiting to be discovered, whether you choose to travel the well-beaten path or seek the adventure of unexplored areas.

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We are excited to travel with you as we wrap up this introduction to our upcoming travel blog series. We will be taking you on a virtual journey through some of the most amazing road excursions departing from Bangalore over the coming weeks. There's a lot to discover, from gorgeous vistas to undiscovered gems, and we can't wait to share our adventures with you. Together, let's start down this path, one mile at a time. Watch for the first part of our series, in which we explore our first thrilling stop on the road. Awaiting you is adventure!

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