Customised Clothing
Customized Clothing

Customize Your Clothing

At one Hour T-shirts, you customize your T-shirts on the website. And, we print them in a time period of an hour. T-shirts and Hoodies of the designs you want and the color you want, these all can be created and set ready by us.

Our tools & machinery used for preparing your One Hour T-shirts are authentic and efficient:

1. Sublimation Ink Jet Printer: Used to print your designs/colors onto cotton or polyester fabrics. (Chosen & Designed by you)

2. Vinyl Plotter: Used to print texts primarily onto the cotton or polyester fabrics.

3. Heat Presser: To press the sublimation paper/vinyl paper with design on it, onto the fabric of the apparel.


But, the hard to hear question is why does anyone want a self design T-shirt or Hoodie? The reasons being:

1. Design it, please.

So, the best way to make your T-shirt look better than others is by being able to show what you like and think. Designing your T-shirt with the help of various options available to you online is something which is easy, efficient, time saving, cost effective and recoverable if not liked.

And, it’s simply called Customization. Well, it can be done other materials as well. But, T-shirt seems a good path.


2. Bulky orders can be easily customized too.

 Imagine a situation:

You’ve a dance fest competition coming up. And, of course, in the meantime apart from  your everyday exhausting practice you have to look at other factors as well.

Yes, the costumes.
Maybe you want a T-shirt with your crew name written on it for all the members of the crew. Not just that, but you want its sleeves different, different coloured or constant too for different sections. You also need some hoodies in accordance with the sections you’ve prepared, let’s say caps too. Well, any of these if needed can be done through customization online just sitting in your dance room making your crew practice and you ordering them their costumes. Just customizing your T-shirts, hoodies, caps can help you win too.


3. It’s all about the trend.

What’s more trendy is when your T-shirt says you. You wanna tell everyone how well you fit in this weird world without even talking to people and putting efforts into moving lips. It’s definitely a one time investment.

     Your favourite hobby? It’s on that T-shirt. Your favourite slang? On that T-shirt. Whatever you like is on that T-shirt. What else could be more perfect than your T-shirt talking for you with others. It only depicts you.


4. Easy, Efficient & Time Saving.

Like said above, it’s absolutely easy to design a T-shirt or hoodie of your choice in your own way. It’s efficient because neither lots of hard work and just a few clicks, nor time consuming.

 Hardly takes 10 minutes to customize T-shirt and order it online. Absolutely worthy!


5. Gift them, them.

No, not like wrap them and gift them to themselves. People don’t want gifts that wouldn’t be of their use, but have to act accepting it happily.  That’s funny, though. But, better is if they get something of their type and kind.
For someone who really loves birthdays, gift them a t-shirt or hoodie saying, “*dob*, surprise me with gifts”. Haha, that’s just perfect!

These gifts are always a better and the best choice.

Same goes for couples on anniversaries, sport lovers; cricket, soccer, badminton, tennis, baby born, parents to become, informal days as well.  

6. Show off, even if none asks.

"I like to show off my new shoes, dress, watch, purse. But, I like to show off more about myself, my hobbies, my life rules, my time pass, anything and everything about me."

I mean of course, nobody is interested in asking me or knowing about me, but I gotta tell the world. Now that I can’t put up a video on Social Media just talking about myself because that sounds way too desperate. Right? Savage would be when I post my picture with the T-shirt saying something that those ears don’t wanna hear but their eyes would definitely take a glance at.

This kind of show off is more respectful, to be honest.

7. You like a series?

Any series, any picture, any dialogue, any logo, but your favourite. If printed on your T-shirt or Hoodie makes you look even more attractive. Because, that’s you being you. It actually is a good opportunity to be able to help yourself open up without becoming or trying to be someone else, but you. Customize it your way and you’re set.


Needless to say, we all are crazy about making our own design on our T-shirts and make that OOTD & viral in college, school and outside.

Hence, Gubbacci.

Choose Gubbacci, not just our quality of products but our services are the best!


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