Top 5 T-shirts : Our Customers have customized

Top 5 T-shirts : Our customers have customized.

Gubbacci has touched heights and has grown into a beautiful business startup. We could pull it off so far only because of our customers. They influenced us or more like forcing us to think, think out of the box, think deeper and then do it.

We wanted to be exclusive and we became. With the idea of being exclusive, we could keep up with bringing in new ideas for so long.

Well, talking about our customers, their creative ideas amuses us so much.

Do you want to know the brilliant designs we came across while catering the orders from our customers?

Different orders, different designs & different perspectives.



1. MJ is alive in the hearts of people

An MJ fan is always an MJ fan.  This little lady is a huge MJ fan. She loves him way too more than any other dancer. She received the best gift of her life till date from her uncle. He designed this Michael Jackson Tee online from her favorite MJ poster that she has at home on her wall. She loves that poster, and he knew this.
By the end of the evening, she got the T-shirt and she loved it!



2. I’m a trekker…

“I love to trek and hike uphill, mountains and to places like these .” That’s how we received the order, from a self-loving person.
To give this T-shirt design an outstanding edge we used a brilliant concept of “short & all in one” and it’s shown in the picture given below. The little boxes are encircling all traits of a trekker making the T-shirt look so cool.



3. Fam Bam!

Team Rohan & Team Ayu welcome back!

Relatives to their family from the United States got them a homecoming gift. Being showered with love from your loved ones makes you feel grateful and happy. The relatives gifted the family T-shirts for their kids.




4. Like a BOSS (/You’re the Boss!) (Choose one please)


The myth is that all bosses are boring and strict. Every office, every job, and every department has that one Boss, who truly is the BOSS. Coming to one of our favorite orders, we call this T-shirt, “Superman, Because Boss” since the Boss is Superman because he is the real Boss. And, it was a gift from the lovely employees to their coolest Boss ever.



5. Expecto Patronum!!

Isn’t it true you always start watching Harry Potter from the 1st part all over again, and don’t stop until all the parts are over?
Hardcore Potterheads can only get it. And, here’s to one of them. A Mom wanted to surprise her son with the best gift on his birthday, a harry potter gift. So she got this for him and look what feedback she gave to us! We were startled by this.

We couldn’t be happier.

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