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Standard Face Masks

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Customisable Face Mask

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1. Masks are tight and uncomfortable, what do I do? 

Face Masks should be fitting for them to be effective. We do believe that the fabric stretches with time and becomes more comfortable as you use it. At the same time, if you feel it's too tight or uncomfortable, please let us know so that we can provide you with a different design that might suit you better. 


2. How often should I wash the mask and are there any special instructions?

We would recommend that you wash it after each day's use using regular soap and water. You can hand wash or machine wash the masks as you would wash any of your other clothes. 


3. How many masks should I buy?

We recommend that you consider owning more than one mask to allow for washing and drying of the masks. Many of our customers place orders multiple times as they realize that masks are often lost or they forget them. (We recommend that you have them in your home, office, a vehicle so that you always have a backup mask). By buying multiple masks you save on shipping. You can also wash additional masks washed and ready to be used when you need them immediately.


3. Is this an N-95 mask?

No. This is not a medical mask.


4. Can I iron my mask?


5. Should children wear facemasks?

Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) recommends children above 2 years to use face masks. If the child is uncomfortable or is suffocating, please do not use the mask. Please monitor your child when they are wearing the mask. 


6. Can I share my Facemask?

No. For individual use only. 


7. When do I replace the mask?
Consider replacing your mask: 
a. If there is physical damage 
b. The mask has become too loose and is not fitting anymore
c. If you are tired of wearing the same design. 

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