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Customised T-shirts

1. What are Customised T-shirt?

Customised T-shirt is a quick service for getting your designs printed on T-Shirts , Polos, Jerseys & Hoodies within one hour to 3 days. 


2. Where can I get the information about the Customied T-shirts?

You can find out by visiting our website


3. When will the T-Shirts be ready for pick up ?

Once your order is confirmed and payment completed, it is processed and ready for pick up based on the production time you choose.

For Instance- If you placed an order for your T-Shirt to be ready in one hour, then it will be ready to be picked up in an hour.

4. When will it be delivered?

Once your order is confirmed and payment completed, it is processed and ready for pick up based on the production speed and delivery speed you chose.

For Instance - If you placed an order for your T-Shirt to be ready in one hour, then it will be ready to be picked up in an hour.


5. How long do you keep my order after it’s completed?

Our storage space is limited. After 45 Days we donate your order to the homeless.


6.  What if I am not at home when my order arrives?

Once our delivery partner receives your order, they will dispatch directly to your address. If you are unavailable they will contact once again. If you are still unavailable it will be back in our store and you must contact our office and pick it up.


7. Will I be charged for the delivery?

Yes. Please review the shipping/delivery prices section on the website.


8. What payment modes are available?

We accept Visa or Master Credit/Debit card, American Express, Discover Network, and PayPal. 
We accept from all digital wallets through UPI. Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm.


9. How do I place an order for a Customised T-Shirt?

It’s Simple!

1. Visit our webpage

2. Select Customised T-shirts on the menu. 

3. Select preferred production time.

4. Add your design or text to the product, proof read and confirm the design.

6. Choose the shipping/delivery speed.

7. Complete the payment online.

8. Enjoy your custom designed T-Shirt, Polos, Hoodies & Jerseys.

That’s It!

If you have any queries, please call us at 080 4853 1726


10. Are they any hidden charges?


The prices shown in the website DO NOT Include GST (taxes) and Shipping cost.


11. Is it safe to shop online with my Credit or Debit Card?

Yes, We use a powerful encryption code to secure and protect your shopping experience.


12. Will you charge any Taxes?

Yes, we charge 5% GST for products whose unit cost is less than Rs. 1000/- and charge 12% GST for products whose unit cost is equal or more than Rs. 1000/-.


13. Can I cancel an order?

Please call 080- 4853 1726. We will cancel your order if the production process has not started.  

We will not be able to cancel the order if the production/printing process has been started or completed.


14. What is your Policy on returns?

Please refer to our Returns Policy.

Bulk Orders

1. What are bulk orders?
Orders more than 25 units are considered bulk orders. In other words the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is 25.

2. What if I want to order less than 25 shirts?

You can place the order in the one hour T shirt section of the website.

3. What products can I order in bulk?

Round Neck T-shirts, Polo T-shirts, Pullovers, Caps and Hoodies

4. Do you offer Premium Quality T-shirts?
All of our products are high quality products and we do not deal with low quality products. Our T shirts start at 160 GSM and go all the way to 240 GSM.

5. What is GSM?
GSM is Grams Per Square Meter. Higher the GSM, thicker the material of the T-shirt.

6. How many different color of T-shirts do you offer?

We have variety of colored T-shirts and Hoodies available with us.

T shirts - Blue, Black, grey, white, etc

For orders more than 100 T shirts- We can give any colored T shirt (Some rare colors may need additional production time)
We have variety of colored T-shirts and Hoodies available with us.
For T-shirts, minimum order quantity is 25 and each can be of 6 different colors; Black, Blue, Grey, White, Green, .
For hoodies, for orders above 100, 32 colors are available

7. What are the materials used in your t-shirts?

We have 100% cotton, poly blend, polyester and organic options available.

8. How is the price of T-shirts determined?
a. GSM of the material (240 GSM costs more than 160 GSM)

b. Material ( 100% cotton costs more than polyester)

c. If the T shirt is Bio-washed

d. The organic option costs more

e. Rare colors will cost more

9. Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?
Yes, we do. Please enter the number of units you require on the website and it will automatically give you a bulk/volume discount.

10. Will the design on my T-shirt wash away?

All designs will last at least for 100 washes provided you follow the wash care instructions.

11. How quickly will my T-shirt be printed and what are the shipping options?
15 days and may be slightly longer for exotic colors.
P.S. If you want are looking for an early printing and delivery option, check out the Customised T-shirts

12. What is your return policy?
We are happy to accept returns for damaged products. Customers are responsible for the spellings and what gets printed on the T-shirt. We will not proofread your design/spellings. Please call the office immediately and return the damaged products within 2 weeks of delivery. This will help us replace the product in a timely manner. If there’s any damage to the T-shirts or Hoodies, we will replace it with a brand new one. But, the information must be sent to us within 2-3 days after receiving the order.

13. How do I get a quote?

You can add the product to the cart and it will quote the price after bulk/volume discount when applicable.

14. I have seen other businesses that offer lower prices?

We provide high quality products and excellent customer service at the right price. Please call us and we will explain the reasons depending on the product. Our goal is to make sure that our product and service meets or exceeds your expectations.  

Special request ? ( Earlier delivery, Special printing etc)

We try to accommodate all requests when possible. Please call our office with your special request.



Glossary for Gubbacci

T-shirt - A T-shirt (or t shirt, or tee) is a style of unisex fabric shirt named after the T shape of its body and sleeves. It normally has short sleeves and a round neckline, known as a crew neck, which lacks a collar. T-shirts are generally made of a light fabric and are easy to clean.

Hoodie - A hoodie (also called a hooded sweatshirt, hooded jumper or hoody) is a sweatshirt with a hood. Hoodies often include a muff  sewn onto the lower front, and (usually) a drawstring to adjust the hood opening

Polo T-shirt - A polo shirt, also known as a golf shirt and tennis shirt, is a form of the shirt with a collar, a placket with typically two or three buttons, and an optional pocket. All three terms may be used interchangeably. Polo shirts are usually made of knitted cloth (rather than woven cloth), usually pique cotton or less commonly, interlock cotton, silk, merino wool, or synthetic fibers. A dress-length version of the shirt is called a polo dress

Yarn - A continuous strand of textile fibers created when a cluster of individual fibers are twisted together. These long yarns are used to create fabrics, either by knitting or weaving

Cotton - A soft white fibrous substance that surrounds the seeds of a tropical and subtropical plant and is used as textile fiber and thread for sewing.

Organic Cotton -Cotton grew with minimal fertilizers and pesticides. Usually softer and more expensive than treated cotton.

Pique - A knit sometimes called Lacoste because that company popularized its use. Has a distinct right and wrong side. The right side resembles a Honey Comb or a waffle and the wrong side is flat and smooth. Has a course firm hand a generally uses fine yarns. Also called a mesh knit. It is a variation of interlock but has a broken surface of small indentions.

Enzyme Wash - A fabric softening process that gives a soft hand to fabric and wears the color very slightly. During enzyme wash, a certain amount of indigo dye and cellulose fibers from the surface of the fabric are removed and fading of the color occurs.

Preshrunk Fabric - Fabrics or garments that have received a pre-shrinking treatment. If less than 3 percent, shrinkage won't affect the fit of the garment. Some garments even if pre-shrunk might still shrink, depends on the washer.

Pima Cotton - Refers to a type of cotton, originally grown by the Pima Indians in the South West part of the United States. Its natural color is yellow as opposed to white for another cotton. It’s a very fine, long staple (refers to the length of the individual fibers) cotton. It is a very soft and strong fiber that accepts dye well. A fine, lustrous fiber of uniform length and superior strength.

Pigment-Dyed  A coloring process that coats the outside of the fibers, it can create a faded, worn-in look.

Polyester  Maintains its shape well and resists shrinking and wrinkles. Not breathable.

Rayon A breathable man-made fiber made out of trees, cotton, and woody plants. Has a silky hand, yet wrinkles. Also called viscose

Comber Cotton  A process used to filter and sieve out shorter fibers and remove impurities. The result is a softer garment and smoother printing surface.

Poly-Cotton  Fabric made from a mixture of cotton and polyester fibers which is popular because the blend makes it both breathable and durable.

GSM (Grams per Square Meter) - If you are looking for a cheap promotional t-shirt that may not be worn more than a few times 100-110gsm can be adequateLikewise of fabric is usually listed as the GSM for metric or ounces per yard squared for imperial measurements. If you want a thick t-shirt then a 180-240gsm item is generally at the top end but if you want a nice lightweight summer t-shirt then 180-180gsm is also great. meter weight per square.

Bio-wash / PolishingThe appearance of natural cellulosic material such as cotton can be improved through an enzymatic treatment. This is known as bio wash or bio polishing.

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