Apparel Pricing

   Direct To Garment (for less than 25 pieces)

Custom Apparel in hour


  Direct To Garment (Bulk Order)

Bulk A4 DTG Printing

  Additional printing charges:

  • Add additional A4 size Printing to the back for Rs. 149/-
  • Add Additional A3 size printing to the back or front for Rs. 249 /-

  Embroidery (3 inch X 3 inch) Formal Shirts

Formal Shirt pricing for one hour production


  Screen Printing ( A4 Size - 8.5 inches x11 inches  Print includes upto 3 Colours)A4 Screen Printing by Gubbacci

Screen printing A4

 - Design consisting of 4 - 5 Colours will cost additional Rs. 25/- per print. (For A4)

  Screen Printing (A3 Size - 11.69inches x 16.5inches)

A3 Screen Printing

A3 Screen printing
  • Back A4 (Printing) - Rs. 149/-
  • Back 8"x2" (Embroidery) - Rs. 249/- (available only for Polos)
  • Sleeves - Rs. 99/- each (only embroidery option available for Polos)
  • A3 Printing - Rs. 249/- (Front / Back)
  • Design consisting of 4 - 5 Colours will cost additional Rs. 35/- per print (For A3).


  Embroidery (up to 3"x3")Embroidery 3x3

Formal Shirt pricing for bulk orders

  •  Add additional embroidery to the back sized 8"x2" for Rs. 249/- 
    (This option is available only for Polo T-Shirts)
  • Add additional embroidery to the Sleeves for Rs. 99/- for each sleeve. 
    (This embroidery option available only for Polo T -Shirts)