Screen printing goes way back, like way back to 1907. The essential idea of screen printing is that a screen is created to stop the ink from being applied to the whole print area.  We do this by cutting out your design from the screen, which only allows the ink to push through this area.  There’s a whole lot of technical stuff that goes on to do this but we’re keeping it simple.

Anywho, once your screen is set up, we add the ink one color at a time and pull it over the mesh with a blade or squeegee.  This pushes the ink through the mesh and onto the garment.  We have to ‘flash cure’ each layer of ink before printing the next color.  Once all of your colors are printed, your shirts go through our tunnel dryer to ensure your print stays intact for as long as possible.


What is the turn around for screen printing?  
Our standard turn around time for screen printing is 7-15 Days.  We can assist with rush orders also, just give our team a call to discuss your deadline.

Do you have a minimum order? 
We require 25 units per design to run a screen print job for you.  For all smaller orders, you might like to look at placing a digital print order via our website.  

Can I mix and match the garments in my order? 
Yes you sure can.  As long as the print remains the same across all of your garments.  We can’t however mix and match bags and shirts, as we print bags on a different board.  

What kind of ink do you use? 
We use the highest quality plastisol inks on the market.  Plastisol inks are very durable and versatile. We also offer a water-based ink if you prefer a softer finish.  Please note with water based inks we are more restricted with what we can accomplish with your print.  

How long will my screen printed shirts last?
Screen printing is the most durable print method, please don’t put our beloved tees in the dryer.  If you treat them nicely, they’ll be with you for years!

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